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Admirals Club Lounge Ricoh HotSpot Printers - Powered By PrinterOn

Notice: We are currently in the process of adding new security devices to the printers. The ability to print in some locations may be temporarily disrupted during this process.

More and more today, business professionals spend an increasing amount of time away from the office, making the need to conduct business seamlessly while traveling all the more vital.  Recognizing our members’ and guests’ demands, the latest in mobile print technology is now available in Admirals Club® lounges: the Ricoh HotSpot Printer ™ - Powered by PrinterOn®

Print any document from anywhere – the Admirals Club lounge, a Wi-Fi enabled plane, your hotel room or home.  All you need is an internet-enabled device.  No need to download any drivers, install software or connect to a network.

From Personal Device (laptop, smartphone, cell phone, or any internet-enabled device) – NO Print Drivers or Additional Software Required — Just internet access, an email client or web browser!
  • Forward an attachment or send an email with or without an attached document via a laptop or mobile device from any location or the dedicated Admirals Club website: A confidential one-time use release code(s) will be sent via email to the address email you provided*.  It’s that simple!
From Admirals Club lounge Computers
  • Submit print jobs from Admirals Club lounge PCs and receive a confidential one-time use release code(s) for document retrieval*.
Printer Features
  • 20 pages per submission, 10 printed sheets in duplex format (front and back) per print request – supports “Go Green” initiatives
  • 72 hours after submission, print jobs are automatically erased from printer’s memory if not retrieved.
  • Black and white laser printing
  • Print speed of 31 pages-per-minute
Phonebook Mobile printing instructions and Admirals Club Printer Directory available for download here.

*Each individual print job receives its own unique release code(s).  User controls when to print as only they have the code(s), further enhancing document security and “Go Green” initiatives.

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Ricoh Printer

Simply Email your attachment to the nearest Ricoh HotSpot Printer located in many Admirals Club lounges throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Mobile printing instructions and Admirals Club Printer Directory available for download here.

Ricoh Hotspot Printer