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Domestic And International Online Flight Check-In

Travel Made Easier

Flying on US Airways?

If your first flight is operated by US Airways, be sure to check in with them at »

Which airline is operating my flight?

Customers can check in online with American and US Airways beginning 24 hours (and up to 45 minutes) prior to departure for domestic flights, and up to 90 minutes prior for international flights.

To better ensure an on-time departure, our goal is to close the jetbridge door 10 minutes prior to departure time. This allows all customers to board and stow their belongings.

Note: Due to documentation verification requirements, our Ticket Counter Agents will be happy to assist with check-in for customers who need a visa to travel to another country or those who are traveling with a green card.

Step 1:

Be Prepared with your Flight Details

All passengers must have:

  • Full name as it appears in travel documents
  • Flight Record Locator or the origin and destination cities
  • Departure travel date of any unflown departure

International passengers must also have:

  • Passport information
  • Emergency contact phone number

Step 2:

access online flight check-in

American Airlines provides three different ways to enter the online check-in process:

  • Direct Web Address:
  • Home page: Select the "My Reservations / Flight Check-In" tab at the top of the page to the right of the booking window
  • Pre-Departure Email: Approximately 24 hours before a flight, American Airlines sends a reminder email to customers who provided an email address in their flight details

Additionally, Online Check-In can be accessed from our International websites.

Step 3:

Find Your Information

Find Reservation as an AAdvantage member:

  • Under "Login" enter your AAdvantage number and password. You may also login with the email address associated to your AAdvantage account. To use this alternate login feature, the email address should be unique and not associated to more than one AAdvantage account.
  • Select "Go"
  • Select the itinerary to check-in

Find Reservation without Login:

  • Enter the passenger's first and last name and the six character Record Locator
  • Select "Go"

Step 4:

look for "ready to check-in" to confirm ability to check-in

  • If "More information needed to travel" appears, select "Add/edit passenger details" and complete the required information for each passenger
  • Please note: Information can be added at any point after booking and before flight check-in
  • If the first flight in the itinerary is on British Airways, Iberia or Japan Airlines, the "Ready for Check-In" check box will not appear. Customers should select "check-in" and they will be automatically redirected to the operating carrier's website

Step 5:

select passengers for flight check-in

  • A prompt will ask if you are traveling with an infant. Customers must indicate they are traveling with an infant because other travel requirements apply
  • We may ask you to select a seat if there is not already a seat assignment. Please note: There are instances where a passenger may not be able to select a seat and complete flight check-in

Step 6:

international passengers: verify passport information

Step 7:

Select the blue check-in button

Step 8:

Select Your Boarding Pass Delivery Option

  • "Print" your boarding pass immediately from the confirmation page
  • "Email" your boarding pass to print later
  • "Send to Mobile" so you can use your phone as a boarding pass at select airports
  • Check In Now