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If your first flight is operated by US Airways, be sure to check in with them at

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Curbside Check-In* is a convenient way to check-in for your flight, get a seat assignment and check your bags at the airport. This option is also available at select international destinations, including countries that require a visa.

Curbside Check-In is also available even if you've already used flight check-in online, have an electronic ticket or already have a pre-reserved seat. There is no fee for using Curbside Check-In but gratuities for our Skycaps are always appreciated for outstanding service. Just present your photo ID along with your confirmation number, destination, flight number, or eTicket number to one of our Skycaps. You can put any associated baggage charges on a credit card, pick up your boarding pass and be on your way to your flight!

*Curbside Check-In availability typically coincides with ticket counter hours. If Curbside happens to be closed, you may use Self-Service Check-In.

Airports where Curbside Check-In is offered

We have made some recent changes as to where Curbside Check-In is available, so be sure to check and see if your departure airport still offers this option. If your airport is not listed, you may check your bags at any American or US Airways ticket counter.

Atlanta, GA I
Boston, MA I
Charlotte, NC I
Chicago, IL - O'Hare I
Cincinnati, OH
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX - DFW I
Denver, CO I
Fort Lauderdale, FL I
Fort Myers, FL I
Los Angeles, CA I
Miami, FL I
Nashville, TN I
Newark, NJ I
New Orleans, LA I
New York, NY - Kennedy I
New York, NY - LaGuardia I
Northwest Arkansas Regional, AR I
Orange County, CA I
Orlando, FL I
Palm Springs, CA I
Philadelphia, PA I
Phoenix, AZ I
San Francisco, CA I
San Juan, PR I
Steamboat Springs, CO**
Tampa, FL I
Vail, CO**
Washington, D.C. - Reagan I
West Palm Beach, FL I

I Cities allow Curbside Check-In when traveling to an international destination
** Seasonal Service dates vary by destination. Click Seasonal Service for details.

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