Experience Endless Entertainment In Flight

When it comes to inflight entertainment, you'll find more choices than ever before on your next flight. Depending on your flight, we offer overhead video entertainment, personal, in-seat entertainment or a selection of videos you can stream to your own device. We also offer amenities in certain cabins on select flights that include complimentary Samsung tablets, Bose headphones, ear buds, magazines and newspapers.

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Wi-Fi in the Sky

Experience connection speeds in the air similar to the mobile broadband Internet service on the ground. Stay connected using any Wi-Fi enabled device, including smartphones (in airplane mode). Want to know if Inflight Wi-Fi is available on your next American Airlines flight? You can check the home page (click Gates & Times on Travel Information tab), or you can locate the Wi-Fi symbol Wi-Fi Logo on your boarding pass.

Domestic Wi-Fi

Domestic Wi-Fi is now available on nearly all flights within the U.S. We are also adding Wi-Fi to all of our new two-class regional jets.

For your convenience, we offer several Wi-Fi pass options, like our unlimited monthly AA/US Unlimited Pass or a single use flight pass. Prices vary based on flight length. Check back often because we offer Wi-Fi specials throughout the year!

Daily and monthly Wi-Fi passes are now valid on both American Airlines and US Airways flights.

We are pleased to bring you these two domestic Wi-Fi offers:

American Airlines / US Airways
All-Day Pass

American Airlines / US Airways
Unlimited Pass

  • Price: $16.00 + tax
  • Expires 12 months from date of purchase
  • Price: $49.95 + tax
  • Monthly Subscription



International Wi-Fi

Our new 777-300ER and select 777-200 planes are equipped with International Wi-Fi.

International Wi-Fi is only available for purchase once on board the aircraft, where you will be able to use any Wi-Fi-enabled device to purchase the following passes:

  • 2 Hour Pass – $12
  • 4 Hour Pass – $17
  • Duration of Flight Pass – $19

Wi-Fi in 3 Easy Steps

1 Enable Wi-Fi on your device.
2 For domestic Wi-Fi, connect to the "gogoinflight" signal. For international Wi-Fi, connect to the "AA Inflight" signal.
3 For domestic Wi-Fi, launch the browser and create an account or log on. For international Wi-Fi, launch the browser and choose Sign In or Connect.

All Wi-Fi service onboard gives you complimentary access to

  • Get real-time flight updates.
  • Find gate and airport information.
  • Plan and book your next trip.
  • Manage AAdvantage® miles.

Customer care questions regarding Wi-Fi service on board your flight?

Wifi Entertainment

Stay Productive With Inflight Powerports

We know it is important to stay productive when flying, so we offer power outlets onboard all our planes to charge your laptops and other devices, keeping you connected to the ground even while you're in the air.


Outlets are located in the seat console in First and Business Class seats and on the seat back in front of you or mounted to the seat leg between seats in the Main Cabin. We offer a power outlet at every First and Business Class seat on all of our planes. On most of our planes, power outlets are available in select rows in the Main Cabin, but you’ll find them at every Main Cabin seat on our new planes. If you’re flying on one of our planes with power in select rows in the Main Cabin, just look for the "lightning bolt" symbol on the overhead bins to find a row with power.  

As we invest in products to bring you a more connected travel experience, we are working to add more powerports across our entire fleet. We've ordered hundreds of new planes that include USB ports and 110v AC power outlets at every seat, in every cabin.

Type Of Power

While most of our planes feature AC power, some have DC power. We're in the process of converting most DC power outlets to AC outlets, but in the meantime, First and Business Class passengers can use a DC-to-AC adaptor to keep items like your laptop powered during certain flights with DC power.* Simply ask a flight attendant for an adaptor, and stay charged for your entire flight. Take a look at the chart below to know what to expect on your next flight.

Fleet Type AC Power DC Power USB Power First  / Business Class Power Main Cabin Power
Airbus A321 Transcontinental Yes   Yes At every seat in console At every seat
Airbus A319 Yes   Yes At every seat in console At every seat
Boeing 777-200   Yes   At every seat in console Shared power between seats in select rows
Boeing 777-300ER Yes   Yes One or two at every seat in seat console  At every seat in seat back or seat leg
Boeing 767-200   Yes   At every seat in console Shared power between seats in select rows
Boeing 767-300   Yes   At every seat in console Shared power between seats in select rows
Boeing 757 Domestic** Yes Yes   At every seat in console Shared power between seats in select rows
Boeing 757 International Yes     At every seat in console Shared power between seats in select rows
Boeing 737-800 Yes   On select aircraft At every seat in console At every seat or shared power between seats on every row
MD80   Yes   At every seat in console Shared power between seats in select rows

*AC adaptors are available for First and Business Class passengers on the following flights: 777-200 planes flying to/from Europe, South America or Asia, 767-300 planes flying to/from Europe or South America, and 767-200 and 767-300 planes on transcontinental flights between JFK and LAX or between JFK and San Francisco (SFO).

**We are in the process of converting most outlets on our Boeing 757 Domestic planes from DC power to AC power.

On The Go

Life doesn't stop while you travel, and we're happy to be able to provide you with a range of options to stay connected while you're on the go. With everything from our award-winning mobile app to work tables at our airport gate areas and Inflight Wi-Fi, we're committed to keeping you connected throughout your entire travel journey.

Entertainment On Demand Availablility