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One of the many ways we are evolving

Enabling the Success of Emerging Businesses

We understand the importance of connections. We know how a pitch to the right investor can change everything and that a single handshake can lead to your biggest customer. We're using the power of connections to enable the success of emerging businesses. Whether it's connecting you with associates through air travel, connecting you to a broader audience through exposure in our channels, or simply facilitating an introduction to connect you to an expert within our network, we're opening a world of opportunities to help enable the success of your business.

Here's a few of the ways we're enabling business success...

Products Designed for Emerging Businesses

We've designed a suite of business travel products with you in mind. We know that running a business requires a lot of hard work. So that you can stay focused on moving your company forward, we designed products that cater to the unique needs of emerging businesses. See for yourself by visiting our Business Programs.

Meaningful Partnerships

We've partnered with a number of well-known organizations within the entrepreneurial community to better serve the needs of our business customers.

By partnering with organizations that support entrepreneurs, we have an opportunity to be more impactful in our endeavors to enable the success of emerging businesses. We have partnered with several nationally recognized accelerators to provide travel grants, exposure, and a variety of other benefits to startups. We also sponsor numerous entrepreneurial events and serve as a corporate sponsor of agencies that support startups and small businesses. Some of our current partners include, Startup America Partnership, MassChallenge, ERA NYC, and Tech Cocktail.

Exposure in Our Inflight Magazine - American Way

Our Innovators series allows us to feature a different startup each month with a full page article within our inflight magazine, American Way.

By featuring emerging businesses in our channels, we are able to help them reach a broader audience, providing valuable exposure. American Way alone reaches more than 4 million American Airlines customers each month. In addition to the coverage in American Way, Innovators candidates are spotlighted in our monthly Business ExtrAA customer newsletter and are featured on AA.com.

Exposure to Our Customers and Employees

We partner with emerging businesses to put their products and services in front of our customers and employees.

We know that sometimes little things can mean a lot, so we often show gratitude to our valued customers by sharing gifts sourced from emerging businesses. Our employees also have the ability to experience a variety of up-and-coming products and services as part of an employee deals program that offers a discount on items purchased from featured startups.

Featuring Startups in Our Ads

Many of our marketing and advertising campaigns feature video and images of our startup and small business customers.

We try to incorporate actual customers in the creative collateral used to promote our business products. Featured customers are given the opportunity to promote their business alongside American. To date, advertisements featuring our startup and small business customers have appeared in several popular magazines and on a variety of business related websites. Additionally, customers have appeared in inflight video segments shown onboard our aircraft.

Travel Grants

Each year, American provides a limited number of travel grants to startups to help cover air fare.

Pitching to a potential investor is stressful enough; getting there shouldn't have to be. In some cases we are able to offer travel grants to allow businesses to connect with potential investors and customers.

Facilitating Connections

We leverage our extensive peer network to facilitate connections for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Connections are one of the most powerful tools a business owner can have. We often assist emerging businesses by facilitating introductions and meetings to people and organizations within our network. From connecting with a mentor to meeting with a subject matter expert for advice to getting a foot in the door for a new customer relationship, we help make connections.

Becoming Your Customer

We routinely source goods and services from startups and small businesses.

We evaluate a wide variety of new-to-market products and prototypes, often implementing pilot programs to aid startups in collecting real-world feedback for their products. We look for opportunities to welcome emerging businesses into our supplier network whenever possible.