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Assurance, flexibility, and choice – get it all at with our guaranteed lowest prices for your hotel booking. Choose from over 60,000 hotels around the world, book without any change or cancellation fees, and get our Price Match Guarantee on almost all of them.

It's simple and easy – within 24 hours of making your reservation on if you find a lower rate for a qualified booking anywhere online for the exact same dates, hotel, and room category booked, the choice is yours:

  • Keep your hotel booking on and receive a refund for the difference in price
  • Or cancel your reservation free of any cancellation fees

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Please note that some conditions still apply. Learn more about our Price Match Guarantee.

And remember, it's only at that you can earn 250 AAdvantage® miles with each completed hotel stay, not to mention all the miles you get when you book your flight!

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Terms and Conditions

AAdvantage members are eligible to earn 250 AAdvantage miles for each completed qualified hotel stay booked through A qualifying stay is defined as all consecutive nights at one hotel, even if member checks out and checks back in during a stay. The AAdvantage number of the member whose name is in the reservation must be included when booking the hotel. The AAdvantage® member must stay overnight. Only one member per booking will be credited with AAdvantage miles. Hotel bookings are not eligible for any flight or car booking bonus miles or AAVacations booking bonus miles.

The 250 miles earned by booking a hotel through Hotel will be posted to members accounts 8-10 weeks after completed hotel stay. Hotel bookings are not eligible for any program that allows for purchase using frequent traveler miles including the American Airlines AAdvantage Awards® Program.

American Airlines gift certificates or gift card may not be used for Hotel purchases.

Specific cancellation policies vary by hotel and are quoted on the hotel reservations page. Hotel bookings do not qualify for any corporate/employee program that might otherwise be offered by American Airlines.

No travel agent or other commissions are offered on Hotel bookings.

The Price Match Guarantee is applicable on any hotel marked with the Price Match Guarantee icon. If after booking a hotel that includes the Price Match Guarantee through you find a lower rate available publicly online for the same dates at the same hotel in the same room category, you will either be refunded the difference or will be able cancel the reservation without penalty for all qualifying bookings. You must contact 800-960-7163 prior to the property's cancellation deadline. Deadlines vary by property and travel dates. Please refer to your booking confirmation email or your reservation details for the applicable deadline. Bookings that cannot be cancelled are not subject to this guarantee.

No change or cancel fees will be assessed on any hotel booked through Change or cancel your prepaid hotel reservation online or by calling 800-960-7163. Customers should view individual hotel property's change and cancellation policies prior to making a reservation as you may still be subject to change and cancellation fees that the hotel imposes and requires us to pass on.

For questions regarding mileage postings, please email: