More Seating Options

We have enhanced our seat product offering to provide a more comfortable travel experience for you. Seats can be purchased or reserved at the time of booking on,, airport self-service machines, American Airlines Reservations or through select travel agencies.

Main Cabin Extra

  • Main Cabin Extra seats provide more room between rows, creating additional legroom and more comfort
  • Group 1 boarding privileges are also included with Main Cabin Extra seats
  • AAdvantage® Executive Platinum, AAdvantage Platinum members and their oneworld® equivalents* and customers who purchase a full-fare Main Cabin ticket have complimentary access to these seats
  • AAdvantage Gold and oneworld Ruby members may purchase Main Cabin Extra seats for 50% off or enjoy complimentary access within 24 hours of departure (if seats are available)
  • The majority of our planes now offer Main Cabin Extra seats

American Airlines Preferred Seats

  • Preferred Seats are standard legroom seats more favorably located within the Main Cabin. They are available for purchase when you book your flight, or up until the airport check-in cutoff time
  • AAdvantage elite status members as well as their oneworld equivalents* and full-fare customers have complimentary access to Preferred Seats*

US Airways ChoiceSeats

  • ChoiceSeats are available on US Airways flights. They are standard legroom seats toward the front of the Main Cabin and available for purchase by all customers

US Airways Preferred Seats

  • US Airways Preferred seats are reserved and complimentary for elite members including both AAdvantage elite members

Reserve Your Seat

  • Take comfort in knowing you have an assigned seat prior to your flight by selecting an available seat when you book your itinerary or up until airport check-in cut-off time
  • If you decide not to reserve a seat or there is not one available when booking your itinerary, we will automatically assign you a seat at no charge at check-in

We're focused on improving your travel experience by providing more legroom, expedited boarding and the assurance of a reserved seat on your flight.

Want more information about our seating options? Check out American Airlines frequently asked questions for details.

American Airlines Terms and Conditions

For more information about ChoiceSeats refund policies and terms and conditions, please refer to US

*AAdvantage Executive Platinum, AAdvantage Platinum, oneworld Sapphire and Emerald members. Gold Preferred and Platinum Preferred members, Alaska Airlines MVP® Gold and MVP® Gold 75K customers and up to 8 traveling companions on the same reservation.


Preferred Seats