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Stay entertained and connected to your office, your family and your friends on any Wi-Fi enabled device, even at 35,000 feet. 

  • Unlimited internet, email and VPN access available for a single flight or for 30 days
  • Available on all Boeing 767-200 and select MD80 and 737 aircraft

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Where to purchase:

Online, via your mobile device

When to purchase:

During your flight

For travel within:

Continental U.S. and up to 100 miles beyond the U.S. border into Mexico and Canada

For whom:

Everyone, on Wi-Fi enabled flights

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Confirmed Flight  Change

What is Your Choice?

In-Flight Internet is just one of the many options available from our new Your Choice(SM) menu of products and services designed to make your travel experience even more convenient, cost-effective, flexible and personalized.

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