Q:  What is the airport upgrade standby list?
A:  Customers with unconfirmed upgrades on American Airlines flights can be added to the airport upgrade standby list beginning 24 hours before departure.
Q:  How does the upgrade standby list work if I'm traveling one-way on multiple American Airlines flights?
A:  If an upgrade is unavailable when you book, we'll add you to the waitlist for the longest flight in your itinerary. Once your longest flight is upgraded, we'll try to confirm or waitlist any shorter connecting flights in your one-way trip. If you're not automatically added to the standby list for your connecting flights, please ask the gate agent to add you to the upgrade standby list manually.
Q:  Why does my priority on the upgrade standby list change as we get closer to departure?
A:  We add customers to the airport upgrade standby list as they check in. As more customers are added, the list will change according to other customers' elite status levels and upgrade request times.
Q:  How can I check upgrade status on the day of departure?
A:  You can check your American Airlines upgrade status as early as 4 hours before to departure on the aa.com app or on the display at the departure gate. You can check your US Airways upgrade status on the usairways.com app.
Q:  How are companion upgrade requests prioritized on the upgrade standby list?
A:  On the day of departure, companion upgrade requests are prioritized by the individual's elite status level and upgrade request date and time.
Q:  Why didn't my upgrade request automatically move to the airport upgrade standby list?
A:  To be moved to the airport upgrade standby list, you need to have enough systemwide upgrades or AAdvantage miles in your account at least 48 hours before departure. Log in to your account on aa.com to check your balance. If you are upgrading with 500-mile upgrades, you'll have the option to buy the required number of upgrades at check-in.
Q:  I'm traveling on an AAirpass ticket and my upgrade has already been confirmed, but aa.com is not showing that information in the upgrade status table. Is there a problem with my upgrade request?
A:  There is a technical issue with showing the status of an upgrade request as confirmed when an AAirpass ticket is involved.
Q:  If I buy 500-mile upgrades after check-in, can I return to aa.com later to request to be added to the standby list?
A:  No, this option is only offered on aa.com during check-in. You can request to be added to the standby list at the airport. The date and time of your original upgrade request and elite status level will determine your standby priority.
Q:  How do I remove myself from the upgrade standby list?
A:  Please see an airport agent. You cannot change your selection on aa.com or at the kiosk.

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