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Priority Baggage Delivery For American's Top Customers

American Airlines already offers Priority Access privileges to AAdvantage elite status members and other top customers to enhance your travel experience at the airport. At departure, we provide Priority Access boarding lanes at the gate, and expedited check-in and security screening processes. And now, not only do we waive the checked baggage charges for our top customers, but your bags will get to the claim area faster!

Immediately available system-wide, select American Airlines customers will experience Priority Baggage Delivery. Upon check in, your luggage will be tagged with branded Priority bag tags. And when you arrive at your destination, those bags will be the first ones delivered to the baggage claim area, allowing a swift, convenient exit from the airport.

Eligible Priority Baggage Delivery customers include the following:
  • First Class and Business Class passengers
  • AAdvantage Executive Platinum members
  • AAdvantage Platinum members
  • AAirpass® travelers
  • oneworld® Emerald and Sapphire members
Priority Baggage Delivery is just another way we are working hard to help you get through the airport faster.

Priority Baggage