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Save Time Every Time You Call With Remember Me

American’s “Remember Me” feature makes it easier and faster to access your travel information. All of this information is available within a few seconds at the beginning of the call, so you can get your personal flight information and be on your way.

New Feature for Remember Me Customers
  • Now, there is a special toll free number (800-221-2000) that allows Remember Me customers calling from an identifiable cell phone, with reservations in the next 23 hours, to receive flight information automatically via text without having to speak or answer any questions.

Not a Remember Me Customer? Enroll Now and Enjoy These Benefits.
  • With Remember Me, you have quick and direct access to information about your reservations and flights when calling from a phone number pre-registered with us. Just enroll and we will proactively recognize you every time you call from a registered phone number.

  • You can enroll in Remember Me via one of three options:
    1. Via the My Account page on
    2. Through our automated phone system
    3. By speaking with an AAdvantage Reservations Representative

  • Register up to three phone numbers – choose any combination of cell phones, home phones, and/or work phones – offering you more choices and convenience!

  • To register your phone number with Remember Me, you’ll need:

    1. An AAdvantage account (if you’re not an AAdvantage member, it’s fast, easy and free to enroll)
    2. A 10-digit US-based phone number

Registering through
  • Log in and go to My Account, selecting the Contact Information and Password tab

  • Verify that at least one 10-digit phone number is listed under the Contact Information section

  • Select "Enroll" under the Remember Me section

  • The selected phone numbers will be enrolled immediately

If you are already enrolled in Remember Me and would like to register additional phone numbers listed in your AAdvantage account, you may do so by selecting "Edit" under the Remember Me section

Registering through the Automated System
  • Call any AA reservations toll-free number from a phone number listed in your AAdvantage account.

    • If you are not sure which phone number is listed in your AAdvantage account, log on to and select the My Information and Password tab.

  • Provide your AAdvantage number when prompted. Say the keyword “Remember Me.”

  • Say “Enroll Now.”

  • The system will automatically register the phone number you are calling from, and then offer to enroll up to two more phone numbers listed in your AAdvantage account.

  • Once all phone numbers are registered, customers with a 5 digit US-based zip code are offered an optional security feature to validate their identity when they call in the future.
Registering with an American Airlines Reservations Representative

If you are already enrolled in Remember Me and would like to register additional phone numbers listed in your AAdvantage account, you may use any of the above registration methods.

Bypassing Flight Information
The system is designed to provide future flight information immediately - since that's what the majority of our members are calling about. You can immediately say “Text Me” when calling from an identifiable cell phone to receive flight information via text. But you can skip this information if that's not what's on your mind:

  • To bypass your future flight information, say "No" when asked if you are calling about your upcoming flight or if you want help with future reservations

Enhanced Voice Recognition Menu
Getting the information you need is only a "word" away! Our enhanced customer menu has added more intuitive keywords and features to allow you to simply ask for information rather than wait on a command menu. Learn more.

Here's How To Reach Us:

  • Reservations - Featuring Remember Me - 1-800-433-7300
  • AAdvantage Award Travel - Featuring Remember Me - 1-800-882-8880
  • AAdvantage Customer Service - Featuring Remember Me - 1-800-882-8880
  • Baggage Service - 1-800-535-5225
  • Automated Flight and Gate Information - 1-800-223-5436
  • Automated Flight and Gate Information in Spanish - 1-800-228-8356
  • Remember Me Text Line - 1-800-221-2000
For more information on Remember Me, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.
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