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Agency Discount Travel (AD75)

AD75 procedures for Australia
  • Only IATA appointed travel agencies are entitled to AD75 reduced rate travel.
  • Only applications received on official IATA letterhead with a proper IATA resolution 880 will be considered for processing plus a copy of IATA card.
  • At least 14 days advance notice is required. Only senior management on official business travel will be considered inside the minimum notice period.
  • Tickets must be issued by AA ticket office.
  • Agents should forward their applications to fax 02 9691 2653.

    American Airlines
    Airport Central Level 9, 241 O'Riordan Street Mascot, NSW 2020 Australia
    Phone: 61-7-3329-6060 (AUS), 64-9-9128814 (NZL), Fax: 02 9691 2653

  • Reservations must be made over the phone after approval at 61-7-3329-6060 (AUS), 64-9-9128814 (NZL).

    Economy Class O
    Business Class U
    First Class Z

  • AAdvantage® miles are not permitted on AD75/AD50.
  • Dress codes do apply for agency staff travelling on an AD75/AD50. The dress code is as follows:

    First/Business Class
    Female - dress/suit or coordinated trouser suit permitted with a blouse or jumper/no jeans allowed.
    Male - suit or blazer with trousers permitted/tie mandatory/no jeans.

    Economy Class
    Female - Casual wear permitted/jeans acceptable.
    Male - Minimum standard is a suit/sports jacket with trouser or jeans/acceptable without a tie.
  • Transatlantic routings: Employees of IATA agencies are permitted AD75 on a full Y fare, Business or First (spouse AD50) Domestic routings: All agencies get AD75 on full fares F/J/Y (spouse AD50).