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Tax Exemption

Exemption of Domestic US Tax by crossreferencing with an International Ticket

  • Two domestic US taxes: US1 tax and ZP tax can be exempted on a domestic US ticket if the passenger has a separate international ticket.
  • It is necessary to cross reference the domestic and international tickets in order to exempt the tax. To do this please put the international ticket number in the endorsement box of the domestic ticket when issuing the domestic ticket.
  • If you issue a US domestic ticket and exempt the taxes without cross referencing the international ticket an ADM will be raised for the amount of the taxes.
  • The US government mandates that the international ticket number must be on the face of the domestic ticket when issued in order to exempt the tax. Hence we are unable to reverse tax ADMs if the ticket number is supplied afterwards.
  • It the passenger had international travel to/from the US by ship, or on a US military transport aircraft rather than a international scheduled flight, it is also possible to exempt these taxes. In these cases please give details of the international travel (origin/destination and name of the ship or details of the military flight) in the endorsement field of the domestic ticket.