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Q When does the passenger pay the fare difference when they rebook in a higher inventory – same cabin?
When the customer is changing destinations they will pay the difference in fare. The following fare rules are waived: advance purchase requirement, minimum/maximum stay requirement and change fee.

Each unique Travel Notice Exception Policy will have specific requirements for rebooking same cabin that may or may not result in a fare difference. Always review the Travel Notice Exception Policy for policies and procedures that have been established for each travel alert.

Q What does the following statement mean: Travel agents whose customers contact them directly to initiate a refund should utilize to submit a refund request? Wouldn't this be the majority of the time – meaning the travel agents wouldn't be able to process refunds?
That statement is under the En Route/Diversion section – when a flight is diverted, a customer’s ticket coupons were lifted, and the ticket is not wholly unused, therefore the refund request must be processed by American Airlines. The Travel Agent must submit a refund application on the BSP link for AA to process the refund on their behalf.
For wholly unused tickets where the passenger’s flight has been cancelled , the travel agency may process the refund via their GDS

Q Is American’s new Travel Notice Exception Policy similar to other carriers?
A American is similar to other carriers who provide a Travel Notice Exception Policy for the travel agencies; however, each carrier’s documentation requirements may vary.

Q Can the Travel Agent rebook to a non-stop flight when his original ticket journey was a connection?
TheTravel Agent should always rebook the same fare construction of the original ticket. However, there may be circumstances when the agency will need to book a non-stop flight during the specific Travel Notice dates and destinations. There is no waiver required.

Q Can Travel Agents refund tickets for a normal Schedule Change-Rule240/80 or flight delays (Rule 240/80) with the new Travel Notice Exception Policy implementation?
No - Schedule Change Rule 240/80 is different from a Travel Notice Exception Policy.

Q What is the difference between a “Schedule Change-Rule 240” and a “Travel Notice”?
A Schedule Change
- A planned change or cancellation of a flight which occurs prior to the day of departure. Examples: change of flight times, change of flight numbers, reduction of service, discontinuation of all service in a market/station closing.
For planned flight cancellations due to normal Schedule Change-Rule 240/80, refunds must be processed by the Travel Agent directly through their GDS. However they will have to follow the rules as per the Schedule Change-Rule 240/80
Refer to Schedule Change-Rule 240/80* for complete details.

Q If a flight cancels outside the affected Travel Notice time frame can the agency refund the ticket?
No - only American Airlines will be able to refund. Refer to Schedule Change-Rule 240/80* for complete details.

Q If a flight cancels within the affected Travel Notice timeframe can the agency refund the ticket?
Yes - provided the guidelines indicated in the Travel Notice Exception Advisory for that specific event are met.

Q May I use the online Refund form (*) for any agency refund request?
No – travel agent must submit a refund application through the BSP link. Utilizing this online form for requests outside of the Travel Notice Exception will not be processed.

Q How many changes can be made during a Travel Notice?
One change is permitted without penalty fees, change fees, or if AA reissues the ticket the External Reissue Charge (ERC) is waived.

  • Revisions to the Travel Notice: One change is allowed per revision.

Q If the specific Travel Notice allows a refund and they have already made a change, can they refund the ticket? 
Travel Agents are allowed to refund tickets issued between the applicable dates indicated on the specific Travel Notice.

  • If a change was made within the applicable Ticket Travel Dates they may refund the ticket. 
  • If a change was made and travel is after the applicable Ticket Travel Dates they can not refund the ticket .
  • Refunds must be processed no later than the date indicated in the Travel Notice.

Q If an agency plans to hold off and reissue the tickets for summer travel are we waiving the seasonality and day/week rules? 
No - Seasonality and day/time are not part of the exceptions. The exceptions to the rules are: Advance Purchase, Min/Max Stay, and Change Fee.

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