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Agency Debit Memo Guideline

Reminder: Debit memos may be issued whenever an agent fails to follow the rules of the fare or makes an error in booking or ticketing.

1.0 ADM issuance / distribution:

1.1 ADMs may be issued for any type of violation such as, but not limited to, fare rule, ticketing, tax, commission, sales reporting or refund violations

1.2 ADMs are not commissionable, i.e., an Agent may not withhold commission from ADM proceeds remitted to American Airlines

1.3 American Airlines may charge the fees against the violations defined under the Fee Schedule. See details in Fee Schedule-Japan

1.4 Fare rule violation ADM amounts may equal up to the difference between the fare ticketed and the most unrestrictive published fare for the transportation provided

1.5 American Airlines uses BSPLink for ADM and ACM distribution where available

2.0 ADM disputes:

2.1 American Airlines accepts notice of and processes disputes within the timeframes outlined in IATA Resolution 850m

2.2 ADMs that are disputed must be processed using the BSPLink ADM dispute functionality

2.3 In case the ADM latency period established by the local BSP is shorter than the dispute timeframe (see Para. 2.1), the remaining disputes must be submitted by email. The respective email address is specified on the ADM.

2.4 Notwithstanding the timeframes referenced in Para 2.1 above, American Airlines retains the right to require settlement or other resolution of disputes outside the BSPlink process for items aged over the 60 day time limit.

2.5 The Agent's grounds for disputing any ADM must be specific in detail. All relevant supporting information is to be provided to American Airlines. Agents should not dispute an ADM where the reason for issuance is valid and evidence to the contrary is not available.

2.6 If the requirements listed in 2.5 above are not submitted in a clear, complete and concise manner, AA will not consider the memo to be "in dispute" and will reject the claim.

2.7 AA reserves the right to inhibit booking/ticketing capabilities for any agent as a direct result of non-payment of debit memos.

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