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About Admirals Club

Get the details on over 50 clubs worldwide across our combined network.

Comfort and Elegance
In 1939, American Airlines opened the industry's first VIP lounge at LaGuardia Airport in New York, forever changing travel at airports. The Admirals Club has become synonymous with comfort and elegance at major airports throughout the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Private Surroundings
Membership provides the key to private surroundings where members may relax or work before, after or between flights and enjoy personalized, professional service from club staff.

Conference Rooms
Our conference rooms are equipped to meet the needs of an individual traveler or a large group. We also have Executive Centers located in four key business markets that offer state-of-the-art business facilities, professional staff and complimentary coffee and tea with full catering service available upon request.

Conference Room and Executive Center
Conference Room At American Airlines we understand the importance of a close and convenient meeting place which is why we have Executive Centers.
 Admirals Club Executive Centers® and Conference Rooms

Clubs and Lounges worldwide
American Airlines invented the VIP lounge in 1939 - since then we've continued to set the standard for airport lounges and service centers. Check the facilities at your location:
 Narita International Airport
 Dallas/Ft Worth International Airport
 Los Angeles International Airport
 Chicago O'Hare International Airport
 Clubs and Lounges worldwide