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Flight Status Notification U.S. can proactively notify you of flight departures/arrivals and gate information for flights on:
  • American Airlines
  • American Eagle
You can receive messages through your:
  • Phone
  • Mobile Phone*
  • Alphanumeric Pager*
  • Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)*
  • PC
* To receive a text message your device must be capable of receiving email.

Messages are sent when departure time changes by more than 15 minutes, arrival time changes by more than 10 minutes.

Notice About Flight Status Notification
  • Notification will not reflect changes to flight numbers that may occur.
  • If your flight number changes, delete your current request and submit a new request using the new flight number.
  • American Airlines will make reasonable efforts to ensure you receive the requested information in a timely manner; however, timeliness and reliability of message delivery by your device service provider cannot be guaranteed.
  • Check airport monitors for any last-minute updates since flight status and gate information may change at any time.
Create Flight Status Notification
To register your flight numbers and remain informed of flight status, you can complete registration through U.S.

 Create Flight Status Notification