AA.com® Web Site Login and Passwords

To Log-in to AA.com

1. Open your Internet browser window and type www.aa.com or Click here.  Click on the link to 'Login' (it's at the top of every page, so you can get to this screen from anywhere on our Web site).

2. You're taken to the login screen, where you can enter your AAdvantage
® number and password. Forgot your password? Don't worry - just click on 'Forgot your Password?'  On the "Need a New Password" screen, type your first name, last name, and AAdvantage number. Capital letters are not necessary, but make sure the name you enter is the same name as your account.  Now click 'Submit.'

3. On the next screen, you're asked to verify that the email address on file is correct. For your privacy, only the last portion of the email address is displayed. If it's correct, click 'Yes' and in 5-10 minutes you will receive an email that gives you a temporary password. When you receive it, skip to step 5.

4. If the email address is not correct, click 'No' and on the next screen you will have to answer a few questions for verification. If you answer correctly, you will be allowed to enter your email address so we can send your temporary password*.

5. When your temporary password arrives, go to the login screen (steps 1-2) to create a permanent password. On the login screen, enter your AAdvantage number and temporary password (do not copy and paste the temporary password but type it in manually). Click 'Go.'

6. You're taken to the screen for AA.com Terms and Conditions (T&C). It's important that you review and accept these terms before continuing. Assuming you feel comfortable with the T&C, please click on 'I Accept.'

7. The next screen allows you to change to a new password. Passwords must be 6-12 numbers and/or letters and they are case sensitive (so for example, 'E' and 'e' are not recognized as the same character). Once you've chosen and entered your new password, please re-enter it to verify your selection and then click 'Submit.' (This is a good time to write it down.)

8. Congratulations! You now have a secure password and can access information that pertains only to you. Use your AAdvantage number and password whenever you login to AA.com and you can access the complete range of activities on our Web site.

Changing Your Password and Email Address

It’s easy to change your Password. Click on 'My Account' at the top of any page, then select the tab for 'Password.' Enter your current password, the new password you want to start using, and then re-enter it to verify your selection. The next screen displays the email address where your password change confirmation will be sent. If the address is correct, click 'Submit.' If not, enter your correct email address in both spaces and click 'Submit.'

Should you need further assistance, please contact AA.com Web Services via email at
webmaster@aa.com or at:

U.S. and Canada: 6 a.m.–2 a.m. CST 7 days, 1-800-222-2377 + Option 1

*If you've received the onscreen acknowledgement that your temporary password is being sent, and then it doesn't arrive, here's how to troubleshoot: A common problem is that a SPAM filter device from your Internet service provider or email client is blocking the email from AA.com. Depending on your service, you may find the message in a "bulk" or “junk” folder rather than your usual inbox. To ensure delivery directly to your inbox, please add American.Airlines@aa.com to your email address book.