The perks of being an elite status member

Enjoy a world of benefits designed to make your travel experience more enjoyable

AAdvantage Executive Platinum

AAdvantage Platinum

AAdvantage Gold

Executive Platinum - 100,00 miles/points or 100 segments
Platinum - 50,000 miles/points or 60 segments
Gold - 25,000 miles/points or 30 segments

Reach elite status in three ways – elite-qualifying miles, points or segments

Here's how:

Earn elite-qualifying miles, points or segments on eligible-fare tickets to qualify for Executive Platinum, Platinum or Gold status when you fly:

Elevate your status and move up to elite benefits

Earn elite-qualifying miles, points and segments during the calendar year to qualify

Qualification* Executive Platinum
oneworld Emerald
oneworld Sapphire
oneworld Ruby
100,000 50,000 25,000
120 60 30

*Must fly at least four segments on American during the qualifying year to receive elite status.

  • Elite-qualifying miles, points and segments

    Elite-qualifying miles and segments

    Qualifying miles or segments are the actual miles (including applicable minimum mileage guarantees) or segments you earn on eligible purchased tickets for flights on American or partner airlines.

    You must fly at least four segments on American Airlines or American Eagle to qualify for Executive Platinum, Platinum or Gold status within the qualifying year.

    Qualifying miles do not include class-of-service bonus miles, other participant miles, any other AAdvantage bonus mileage, or miles obtained from BuyMiles or GiftMiles.

    Elite-qualifying points

    The number of elite status points you earn is based on a combination of earned miles and the class of service purchased. For American Airlines marketed codeshare flights, your ticket must reflect an American Airlines coded flight number.

    Learn about the qualifying miles, points or segments you can earn when traveling with American or partner airlines:

    American Airlines marketed codeshare flights (ticket must reflect an American Airlines flight number)

  • Qualification and membership period

    There are two timelines associated with elite status membership – the qualification period and the membership period.

    Qualification period

    January to December

    Membership period

    March to February

    How the qualification timeline works

    Since you begin receiving elite benefits immediately upon qualification, the beginning of your membership year is the day you qualify for your elite level. Then, on March 1, every elite member’s year starts over.

    For example:

Upgrades for elite members

Complimentary and 500-mile upgrades

On American marketed and operated flights:

Systemwide upgrades

As an AAdvantage Executive Platinum member, you will receive eight complimentary one-way systemwide upgrades upon qualification. If upgrade seating is available, you or any passenger you designate may enjoy confirmed upgrades to the next class of service at the time of booking on most Business and Economy Class fares when flying on American marketed and operated flights.

More of a good thing: Earn more miles when you fly

Bonus miles

Executive Platinum and Platinum members will earn a 100% bonus and Gold members will earn a 25% bonus based on the base miles or minimum miles guaranteed, when traveling with American and participating oneworld airlines.

Minimum mileage guarantee

Elite members will earn at least 500 miles for flights under 500 miles on American and participating AAdvantage and oneworld airlines.

AAdvantage Million Miler® program

Fly a million miles with us and enjoy Gold status for the life of the program, bonus miles and more.