Multiply Your AAdvantage Miles On Every Flight

You can purchase AAdvantage® miles each time you fly on an eligible trip on American Airlines or American Eagle. Reach your next travel award quicker with the AAdvantage Mileage Multipliersm product.

Here's How it Works

  1. Make your reservation – be sure to include your AAdvantage number.
  2. In order to multiply your miles you can either
    • Contact AAdvantage Reservations
    • Check in for your flight on, or
    • Visit a self-service check-in machine
  3. Simply swipe your credit card to multiply your miles.

Already checked in? You can still multiply miles for your flight.

  1. Stop by a self-service check-in machine at the airport and select the Reprint Boarding Pass or Check Baggage option
  2. Visit the My Reservations page on and select the Mileage Multiplier after you have checked in, up to 45 minutes before flight departure

In most cases, the AAdvantage miles will post before you arrive at your destination! There are so many ways to earn AAdvantage miles and with the Mileage Multiplier product, your miles will add up even faster.

Prices/offers are subject to change and cancellation.

Multiply your miles the next time you check in for a flight! View Frequently Asked Questions