Republic Bank / AAdvantage® Mastercard

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Shop with the card. Fly with the miles.

Earn miles and more

Apply for a Republic Bank / AAdvantage® Mastercard card and get a welcome bonus of 3,000 miles on your first purchase.

Republic Bank Mastercard credit card

You’ll also enjoy:

  • Earn miles on every purchase you make with your card
  • Access to exclusive promotions and special bonus mile offers as a valuable cardholder
  • Plus added benefits such as MasterTravel Accident Insurance, Mastercard Global Service®, exclusive car rental discounts
  • The AAdvantage® program does not have a mileage earning limit
  • Republic Bank / AAdvantage® credit cardholders and AAdvantage® status members enjoy exclusive rates when redeeming miles on car rentals and hotel stays1
  • Use your card regularly. It is the best way to keep your AAdvantage® account active, so your miles may never expire2

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