Giving Back

A Positive Economic Force

Each year, American Airlines and American Eagle operations account for billions of dollars in direct commerce and stimulate a cascade of smaller business and economic activities supported by the air travel and tourism industries. In 2012, our operations helped generate $124 billion in economic activity and directly and indirectly helped support 965,000 jobs. We also supported the communities in which we operate by paying $4.7 billion in taxes in 2012 and by investing almost $1.8 billion in the development of transportation infrastructure over the past 10 years.

American's impacts in South Florida

For nearly a quarter century, American's presence in Miami-Dade County has played an important role in turning Miami International Airport into a hub of international trade and tourism. From just 300 employees in South Florida in 1989, we've grown to more than 9,700 today, and have spurred the creation of more than 150,000 additional jobs through businesses associated with our operations. In 2012, over 28 million passengers passed through our MIA hub to reach over 150 destinations throughout the United States and around the world.

For more information on American's local economic impacts and infrastructure investments, please visit: 2012 Economic Impact Report.