Our Approach

Managing Our Corporate Responsibility

American Airlines Corporate Responsibility

AMR's corporate responsibility efforts align with and support our overall strategic objectives. For example, by investing in new aircraft through our fleet renewal efforts, we address both our strategic goals and our corporate responsibility imperatives: newer aircraft are more fuel efficient, more comfortable for passengers and employees alike, expand our global reach, and afford us a competitive and a pricing advantage. Similarly, our diversity and inclusion initiatives create a work environment that attracts top talent, allows employees to be at their best, and welcomes diverse customers through targeted offers.

By delivering on corporate responsibility initiatives and goals, we know that we are making our business stronger, more successful, and ultimately, more sustainable.

Managing for corporate responsibility is not something we leave to chance. We track, measure and manage our efforts with the oversight of our Citizenship Steering Committee, led by the VP State and Community Affairs. Established in 2009, the Steering Committee embeds consideration of corporate responsibility throughout our organization, through the direct involvement of approximately 10 senior officers representing a range of business units and operational responsibilities. The Committee is designed to provide umbrella guidance over all Citizenship activities.

At the quarterly meetings of the Steering Committee, we share progress and achievements, discuss and address challenges and chart a path to a more sustainable future. Members of the Steering Committee individually support corporate responsibility initiatives. The Committee also spearheads efforts to support priority causes identified by American, including the Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, Kids in NeedSM, Miles in Support of All Who Serve and various employee-led charities.

We expect that the Citizenship Steering Committee structure and responsibilities will change and evolve as part of the restructuring process. The Committee, however, will still act to collectively champion the company's environmental, social and governance performance.

AMR's Board of Directors receives updates and provides guidance on a wide range of corporate responsibility issues as part of its regularly scheduled meetings. Specific direction and guidance on diversity issues is provided by the Board's Diversity Committee.

AMR Global Corporate Responsibility Statement

As a global airline, we promote commerce, trade and economic prosperity, as well as a sense of global community and citizenship. Our business also affects the environment around us, and we are committed to being good stewards by minimizing our environmental footprint.

With tens of thousands of employees worldwide, we understand that our responsibility as a global citizen begins with our people and extends to communities around the world. Our sustained investment in responsible business practices takes many forms — from ethical governance to our commitment to diversity and inclusion, to our focus on safety, the environment and giving back to our communities. We continuously strive to make a positive impact in the lives of our customers, employees and shareholders, and in the communities and environments where we live, work and play.

Our commitment to corporate responsibility is more than a business decision. It's an important part of our culture — part of who we are. At AMR, operating in a responsible manner is not just an aspiration, it's the way we do business.