Fuel Smart Celebrates its 5th Anniversary

We celebrated the 5th anniversary of our flagship fuel-conservation program in 2010, with a whopping 500 million gallons of fuel saved over the past five years. That's enough gallons to fill more than 750 Olympic-sized swimming pools! Read More

Sustainable Amenities: Small Choices, Big Impact

Little savings—in energy, emissions, and raw materials—add up, and for a large, complex business such as commercial aviation, environmental responsibility is a matter of many, many decisions. For example, a great deal of thought goes into sourcing and recycling the amenities you may take for granted during your flight on American. Read More

Reducing Our Power Usage, One Fixture at a Time (All 24,813 of Them!)

How do you reduce your annual use of electric power by 1.23 megawatt hours (MWH)? By changing out almost 25,000 light fixtures, one fixture at a time. Read More

A Modern Fleet Helps Shrink Your Carbon Footprint in the Clouds

Carbon dioxide, or CO2, is one of the primary gases contributing to global climate change. Although aviation emissions account for only 2 percent of all man-made CO2, conscientious consumers know that air travel still leaves a carbon footprint in the clouds. Read More