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AAdvantage Marketing


American Airlines allows local and national companies to offer AAdvantage miles to customers, employees and or donors as a promotional or sales incentive program thru the use of AAdvantage marketing.

AAdvantage Marketing was previously referred to as AA Incentive Miles (AAIM) this name is no longer used and not valid. Please direct companies to:

AAdvantage Marketing offers a way for both large and small companies to participate in the AAdvantage program.

Companies desiring information on how to become an AAdvantage participant please direct companies to Non-profit organizations are encouraged to visit and work with Mitch Stuart, Inc (MSI). MSI is the exclusive fundraising consultant to American Airlines AAdvantage marketing.

Sales kits are no longer mailed to companies. Pricing, products and terms and conditions are listed at

This program is available worldwide, U.S. and International. Companies based outside the U.S. can purchase at, but are encouraged to contact their local American Airlines sales representative for assistance prior to purchasing.


Terms and Conditions

Advise potential participant to visit for the terms and conditions. This tab on the website displays the full contract with all terms. The agreement is standard and cannot be modified by the company. During the order process the agreement must be accepted to place the order.

All requests for orders are subject to approval. American Airlines reserves the right to refuse the sale of AAdvantage miles to any business. Vouchers will not be sold to individuals or travel bartering companies. Vouchers may be sold to travel agencies if an incentive program exists.

AAdvantage members cannot purchase AAdvantage miles through this program for their personal account. Direct the member to

Companies cannot purchase miles via AAdvantage marketing for business travel purposes. All companies must have a true incentive plan whereby AAdvantage miles are awarded to employees, customers and or donors to qualify for the program.

Customer inquiries, direct all customer inquiries for ordering to or the toll-free number 1 800 771 5000.


Awarding AAdvantage Miles - Electronic or Voucher


Capture the customers full name,Advantage number, and award miles via the AAdvantage Participant Online System (AAPOS). This information is transmitted via our internet-based system, the AAdvantage Participant Online System (AAPOS). No special software is needed.

  • Product Description
    It may be helpful to think of the electronic product as a bank account. A purchase of 250,000 miles or more will open your company's account. An account id, and a user name and password will be assigned to your company to access the account, via the internet, in AAPOS. You can view the account balance and award miles, from this balance, to the AAdvantage accounts of your customers.

  • Awarding AAdvantage Miles
  • Multiple award transactions may be uploaded through the system via a spreadsheet or similar file, or one by one mileage awards may be entered directly in AAPOS. These miles will be deducted automatically from your company's account balance. Your customers will receive the miles in their individual AAdvantage accounts within 72 hours.

  • Reporting and Customer Service
  • In addition to reviewing your company's account balance and awarding miles to customers, AAPOS enables the user to monitor account activity to provide exemplary service to your customers. AAPOS contains search and query functions to assist in tracking award transactions and to ensure customers receive the miles they have earned. A variety of automatically generated reports are available via e-mail, including reports on mileage awards posted and available mileage balance.

  • Re-Ordering AAdvantage Miles
    Additional miles can be purchased online in AAPOS and deposited directly to your company's existing account.


    Provide customers with paper mileage vouchers, which eliminates the need to capture their AAdvantage numbers. One way to award miles to your customers is by distributing paper mileage vouchers, which allow customers to deposit miles directly into their individual AAdvantage accounts.

  • Product Description
    Vouchers may be ordered in several denominations, from 500 miles to 25,000 miles per voucher. The total number of miles ordered (voucher denominations times number of vouchers) must be at least 250,000 miles to meet the minimum order requirements.

  • Language Options
    Mileage vouchers are available in English and Spanish.

  • Company logo

  • All mileage vouchers display the company name that issues the voucher. For a $100 USD fee, you have the option of printing your company's logo on the face of the vouchers in the top right hand corner. The logo is also displayed during the voucher deposit process on the,

  • Awarding AAdvantage Miles
    When customers are awarded a mileage voucher, they would follow the instructions printed on the voucher to deposit the miles directly into their individual AAdvantage accounts via a website designed specifically for this purpose,

    The vouchers contain a unique voucher id and deposit key, which identifies the issuing company and mileage award, and provides security against duplication and or fraud. Best of all, members will see the miles in their accounts within 72 hours after their deposit.

  • Re-Ordering AAdvantage Miles
    After placing an order for vouchers, an account id, user name, and password will be assigned to your company. To order additional vouchers or change your company profile, such as contact information, log in to the AAdvantage Participant Online System (AAPOS)


    (applies to both Voucher and Electronic Product)

  • Minimum Purchase
    A minimum of 250,000 miles is required per order.

  • Cost of Miles
    AAdvantage miles cost 2.2 cents per mile.

  • Federal Excise Tax
    The federal government requires collection of a 7.5% excise tax on the cost of the miles. This tax applies to both profit and non-profit organizations, whether based in the U.S. or Overseas.

  • Processing Fee
    One tenth of a cent per mile for processing the order and servicing the account.

  • Total Mileage Cost
    The total mileage cost will depend on the number of miles purchased. For a minimum order of 250,000 miles, the total cost (including federal excise tax and processing fees) amounts to $6,162.50 USD.

    A calculation tool is available at for companies to enter the number of miles they wish to purchase and it will calculate the cost.
    Mileage cost: $0.022 per mile
    Federal excise tax: 7.5 % of mileage cost
    Processing fee: $0.001 per mile

  • Company Logo Optional - Company Logo (Voucher product only)
    There is a fee of $100 USD per order for this service. All mileage Vouchers display the company name that issues the Voucher. In addition, for a $100 USD fee, you have the option of printing your company's logo on the face of the Vouchers in the top right hand corner. The logo is also displayed during the Voucher deposit process at

    Payment is required upon placement of your order for either product.

    Payment Types Accepted:
    Credit Card: Visa, Mastercard, American Express Optima, Discover Novus, and Carte Blanche.
    Check: A Certified Check, Cashier's Check, or Money Wire Transfer.



    Information contained on this website is subject to change at any time without notice. American Airlines shall not be liable for any consequences resulting from your reliance on the information.