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Agency Standards: Internet Agency Policy

Internet Agency Policy


The following is a summary of AA's structure for tickets issued for travel on AA against a booking made via an internet/online travel site which is an AA appointed agent.

Bookings made via Corporate Travel Management systems, which are not accessible to the general public, like (BTS), are not subject to AA's internet policy.

Click here to view AA's commission policy for internet bookings.

AA appointed travel agencies who provide an internet booking service may obtain an Electronic Reservation Service Provider (ERSP) identification number from the airline reporting corporation (ARC) and provide this number to the agent's CRS company.

Internet agencies are not required to have an ERSP number to issue tickets on American Airlines.

Application may be obtained directly from the ARC website* at or by using ARCs fax service at 1-800-811-1608. The form to fax is form 691.

In addition to our internet commission structure, AA has published rules that apply to all AA appointed agencies which offer its customers access to AA's schedules, fares, seat information and seat inventory through the internet directly or as a ticketing agent for a third party entity. This is published in the ARC carrier reservations matrix form number 694. This may be viewed at the ARC web site*

All third party fares and inventory available to the public must employ immediate ticketing functionality. The booking, ticketing and payment information is taken during the same transaction so AA inventory cannot be held unless it is being ticketed immediately. If the ticketing agent is different from the booking service provider, the reservation can be queued for immediate ticketing.


Updated November 17, 2009

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