Transportation Vouchers

General Information

All transportation vouchers issued by American Airlines or American Eagle® are valid for travel on American Airlines, American Eagle, US Airways and American Airlines codeshare flights (AA*).

These vouchers are also valid for travel on oneworld® itineraries (including oneworld affiliates that must be booked as a codeshare flight marketed by a oneworld carrier) where American Airlines or American Airlines codeshare flights (AA*) is the international carrier.

    Note: For oneworld itineraries, international flights are defined as transatlantic, transpacific and flights to and from South America. Flights to and from Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, or Central America are not included.

Travel agents may accept American Airlines vouchers (042/043) for full or partial payment for a ticket as an "exchange" document/ticket. If the voucher is less than the ticket the additional monies are collected. If the voucher exceeds the ticket cost an MCO will be issued for the difference as a residual indicating non-refundable and for American Airlines transportation only. Valid one year from date of issue. There is no change fee/ASC associated with using a voucher.

Exchanging a Voucher for a New Ticket

The 13-digit voucher number is indicated in the EXCH box. A maximum of two (2) vouchers can be used per passenger. The automated endorsement verbiage will transmit to the new ticket. This endorsement verbiage should not be altered and does not need to include any other required wording associated with the Fare Basis Code (FBC).

  • ARC/IAR: May use up to two (2) vouchers as form of payment; refer to ARC Agency Help Desk for assistance.
  • BSP: Only one (1) voucher can be used as form of payment.

An example of an endorsement when using a voucher as the exchange document is:


Vouchers Are Non-Transferable

Vouchers are non-transferable. However, the voucher owner may present and use the voucher toward the purchase of a ticket for anyone.

  • Vouchers are not valid on BULK/OPAQUE fares.
  • Blackout dates on travel vouchers are not applicable.
  • No commission applies to the value of the voucher.
  • Transportation vouchers are tax exempt. Exception- vouchers with code OU are taxable.
  • Document assembly may be found in the ARC Handbook section 6.0.
  • No cash refunds.
  • Lost or stolen vouchers will not be replaced.
  • American will not be able to accept US Airways vouchers for American flights.
  • U.S. agencies may only accept vouchers issued in USD with the exception of CAD vouchers.
  • Vouchers in a currency other than USD or CAD must be submitted directly to American Airlines for ticket issuance.

Updated: August 19, 2014