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July 2010 News

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TSA Secure Flight Program Update
American Airlines and JetBlue
TSA Secure Flight Program Enters New Phase

TSA Secure Flight Program Update
July 23, 2010

All reservations booked for travel within the United States and its territories November 1, 2010, and beyond are required to have Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD) present in the reservation. The TSA allows no exceptions; 100 percent compliance is mandatory.

American is responsible for collecting the passenger’s full name (as displayed on a government issued ID), date of birth, gender and Redress Number (if available) and then transmit the data to the TSA for both domestic and international flights. Failure to include SFPD in a PNR transmitted to the TSA can result in a fine to AA of up to $27,500 per passenger, per segment.

To avoid such action, we are working on ways to identify records that do not include SFPD in an effort to avoid customer inconvenience and potential travel disruption, as well as the possibility of a travel agency debit memo. To that end, we are going to focus on two particular concerns in coming weeks. Please click here for details.

American Airlines and JetBlue
July 20, 2010

American Airlines and JetBlue have teamed up to offer travelers convenient connections between 18 key JetBlue markets and 14 international destinations served by American from New York(JFK) and Boston's Logan airports.

To learn more and view a list of cities involved visit American Airlines And JetBlue.

TSA Secure Flight Program Enters New Phase
July 13, 2010

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Secure Flight program is moving into a new phase, which requires 100 percent of passengers traveling within the United States and its territories to have SFPD in reservations booked for travel November 1, 2010, and beyond. The TSA allows no exceptions; compliance is mandatory.

Secure Flight data must be present in a reservation no later than 72 hours before scheduled departure, when the TSA match-list processing begins. If a reservation is made within 72 hours of scheduled departure, SFPD must be collected when the reservation is made. It is highly recommended that no matter when the reservation is made, SFPD is entered into the reservation at the time of booking.

To ensure 100 percent TSA compliance and minimize customer inconvenience, American will change its current SFPD collection process. No later than September 15, American will require Secure Flight data at the time of ticketing and AA will inhibit issuance of a 001-validated ticket if the passenger’s Secure Flight data is not present. Ticketing transactions attempted without SFPD will generate an error message advising that the SFPD must be collected.

To learn more about the TSA Secure Flight program, please visit or

Please read the complete text of a letter (PDF) sent to travel agents from Kurt Stache, Vice President and General Sales Manager, American Airlines.



August 3, 2010

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