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November 2010 News

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British Airways No Longer Accepts Paper Tickets
Notice to Non-U.S. and Non-Caribbean Based Travel Agencies
TSA Implements Next Phase of Secure Flight


British Airways No Longer Accepts Paper Tickets
November 23, 2010

For travel January 1, 2011 and beyond, British Airways will no longer accept paper tickets. Please refrain from booking revenue paper ticket itineraries involving travel on British Airways operated flights for January 1, 2011 and beyond. The preferred method is to keep the itinerary on e-Ticket eligible airlines; this will allow the BA segments to be issued as electronic with other e-Ticket eligible airlines.  BA open segments are not e-ticket eligible.

All other airline flights that are ineligible for interline electronic ticketing should be ticketed separately at the applicable fare.

Notice to Non-U.S. and Non-Caribbean Based Travel Agencies
November 17, 2010

Recently, American Airlines received notification from the Travelport GDS that booking fees will be dramatically increased in many international points of sale.  As a result, American is instituting a Booking Source Premium in several countries outside the U.S. and Caribbean for bookings made through the Travelport GDSs -- both Worldspan and Galileo -- beginning on December 20, 2010. This premium is being applied to bring American's cost for bookings through the Travelport GDSs back in line with the costs of other GDSs in these countries.

The premium will apply to all American Airlines marketed segments, regardless of operating or ticketing carrier, and will vary by country. A full list along with frequently asked questions is available on the Source Premium Policy page.

These premiums will be assessed via debit memo to the agency that created or ticketed the booking for Travelport GDS bookings only.  Agencies can still book through Amadeus, Sabre, and other local GDSs, as well as the American Airlines Direct Connect (where available) without paying the premium.

TSA Implements Next Phase of Secure Flight
November 1, 2010

The TSA implements the next phase of Secure Flight today and requires all passengers to provide full names as they appear on a valid government photo ID, date of birth and gender. Secure Flight is a U.S. government mandated program that requires participation by all airlines that fly from, to and through U.S. airspace. Secure Flight Passenger Data must be entered for every passenger in a reservation, otherwise travel will not be permitted.

Visit Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD) FAQs to view a list of Frequently Asked Questions.


Updated January 10, 2011

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