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Travel Notice Exception Policy - Frequently Asked Questions

Travel Notice Exception Policy - Frequently Asked Questions
Updated October 16, 2014

Q When does the passenger pay the fare difference when they rebook in a higher inventory – same cabin?
A When the customer is changing destinations they will pay the difference in fare. The following fare rules are waived: advance purchase requirement, minimum/maximum stay requirement and change fee.

Each unique Travel Notice Exception Policy will have specific requirements for rebooking same cabin that may or may not result in a fare difference. Always review the Travel Notice Exception Policy for policies and procedures that have been established for each travel alert.

Q What is the meaning behind the elements of the event waiver code?
A Example of the waiver codes: TN010114N or TN010114C or TN010114R:

  • TN = Travel Notice
  • 010811 = Date of the notice
  • N = same cabin to cabin / C = alternate city (change of destination) / R = Refund

Q What if the account already has a contract tour code? What is the tour code hierarchy?
A The TNxxxxxx event waiver code will supersede the contract tour code. The original ticket will have the required information in the tour code box for auditing purposes. The TNxxxxxx is the only code required for a Travel Notice Exception.

Q The event waiver code is also to be notated in the Endorsement box. Is this placed before or after the standard fare endorsements? Why does the event waiver code need to be in the endorsement box and the IT box?
The TNxxxxxx event waiver code is the only notated verbiage required on the new ticket and will supersede the standard endorsement verbiage that is required for the fare ticketed.

Q What does the following statement mean: Travel agents whose customers contact them directly to initiate a refund should utilize to submit a refund request? Wouldn't this be the majority of the time – meaning the travel agents wouldn't be able to process refunds?
That statement is under the En Route/Diversion section – when a flight is diverted, a customer’s ticket coupons were lifted, and the ticket is not wholly unused, therefore the refund request must be processed by American Airlines via American Airlines Refunds or you may fax the request to U.S. 1-800-892-3447 or International 480-693-2759.

For wholly unused tickets where the passenger’s flight has been cancelled, the travel agency may process the refund via their ARC/BSP.

Q Is American’s new Travel Notice Exception Policy similar to other carriers?
American is similar to other carriers who provide a Travel Notice Exception Policy for the travel agencies; however, each carrier’s documentation requirements may vary.

Q Can the Travel Agent rebook to a non-stop flight when his original ticket journey was a connection?
The Travel Agent should always rebook the same fare construction of the original ticket. However, there may be circumstances when the agency will need to book a non-stop flight during the specific Travel Notice dates and destinations. There is no waiver required.

Q Can Travel Agents refund tickets for a normal Schedule Change-Rule240/80 or flight delays (Rule 240/80) with the new Travel Notice Exception Policy implementation?
A No - Schedule Change Rule 240/80 is different from a Travel Notice Exception Policy.

Q What is the difference between a “Schedule Change-Rule 240” and a “Travel Notice”?
A Schedule Change - A planned change or cancellation of a flight which occurs prior to the day of departure. Examples: change of flight times, change of flight numbers, reduction of service, discontinuation of all service in a market/station closing.

For planned flight cancellations due to normal Schedule Change-Rule 240/80, refunds must be processed by American Airlines via the Schedule Change-Rule 240/80 Online Refund form. Travel agencies are never allowed to process a refund of a non-refundable ticket on a Rule 240/80 via their ARC/BSP. Refer to Schedule Change-Rule 240/80 for complete details.

Travel Notice - Flights to specific destinations that have been affected by severe weather related events such as storms, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes or other extreme events. A Travel Notice Exception Advisory is implemented when Passenger Sales allows the agency to rebook, reissue or refund tickets for their customers due to event related circumstances as long as certain requirements are met.

For flight cancellations due to a Travel Notice, Travel Agents may rebook, reissue or refund tickets for their customers due to event related circumstances provided the customer’s travel meets the specific Travel Notice Exception Advisory, the PNR is properly documented, and the reissue or refund guidelines are met. Each individual Travel Notice Exception Advisory will be released on our Agency Reference site Refer to Travel Notice Exception Policy for complete details.

Q If a flight cancels outside the affected Travel Notice time frame can the agency refund the ticket?
A No - only American Airlines will be able to refund. Refer to Schedule Change-Rule 240/80 for complete details.

Q If a flight cancels within the affected Travel Notice timeframe can the agency refund the ticket?
A Yes - provided the guidelines indicated in the Travel Notice Exception Advisory for that specific event are met.

Q If the Travel Notice advises an add collect will be necessary if the original inventory is not available how does the travel agent calculate the fare difference with the fare rule exceptions allowed?
A Due to the complexity of ticketing, the agency should contact AA/Tariff and advise the tariff agent it is allowed per the Travel Notice Exception Policy on

Q If I need to request a refund processed by American Airlines per the Travel Notice, where do I submit the refund?
A Go to American Airlines Refunds, input the ticket number and customer’s name, and complete the form. Once the refund has been processed, you will receive confirmation the refund has been processed.

Q How many changes can be made during a Travel Notice?
A One change is permitted without penalty fees, change fees, or if AA reissues the ticket the External Reissue Charge (ERC) is waived.

  • Revisions to the Travel Notice: One change is allowed per revision.

Q If the specific Travel Notice allows a refund and they have already made a change, can they refund the ticket? 
A Travel Agents are allowed to refund tickets issued between the applicable dates indicated on the specific Travel Notice.

  • If a change was made within the applicable Ticket Travel Dates they may refund the ticket. 
  • If a change was made and travel is after the applicable Ticket Travel Dates they can not refund the ticket .
  • Refunds must be processed no later than the date indicated in the Travel Notice.

Q If an agency plans to hold off and reissue the tickets for summer travel are we waiving the seasonality and day/week rules? 
A No - Seasonality and day/time are not part of the exceptions. The exceptions to the rules are: Advance Purchase, Min/Max Stay, and Change Fee.




Updated October 16, 2014

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