AA Known Traveler Program

AA Known Traveler Number is a unique designator that is assigned to individuals that choose to participate in the American Airlines/TSA screening pilot programs.

What is the AA Known Traveler Program?
If the airline offers eligible frequent travelers with an invitation to opt in to the Known Traveler (KT) program, the eligible frequent traveler is also identified as a TSA PreCheck participant when the traveler submits passenger reservation information to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Secure Flight system. Passengers will be able to utilize the Known Traveler program at several airport locations. The Known Traveler program also includes participants of the government's trusted travel programs (NEXUS, Global Entry, and SENTRI) as part of an expedited screening process.

How does the AA Known Traveler Program benefit the customer?
This pre-flight screening concept could benefit travelers through expedited security checkpoints, which will result in no longer needing to remove certain items. Once the TSA determines that a passenger is eligible for expedited screening, the TSA Pre✓ logo or information is embedded in the barcode of the passenger's boarding pass. The TSA reads the TSA Pre✓ logo or barcode at designated TSA PreCheck airport locations and eligible passengers may be directed to a lane where they will receive expedited screening.

Customers have asked us to place their number in their PNR?
You can add the trusted traveler number (the global nine-digit membership ID number) to a PNR but not an airline specific KT status. The AA Known Traveler designator will be added to agency created PNRs prior to the TSA transmission for vetting purposes.

Can the customer have a CBP-ID (US Customs and Border Protection Trusted Traveler Program ID) and an AA Known Traveler designator?
No - A customer may only have one or the other.

Does the AA Known Traveler number go in the same field as the Redress number?
The trusted traveler or CBP ID number should go in the Known Traveler number field. It is NOT the same thing as a redress number. The mask should have a field for both of these numbers. AA will also allow passengers to store their numbers in their profile with the airline. For AA, this means even if the booking is made with a 3rd party and they have no way of entering the KT number, AA will pick it up from the customer profile.

Is it possible for a traveler to have a Redress number and a Known Traveler number? If a customer has both of these numbers do we have to enter both of them?
It is possible to have both of these numbers and they should both be placed in the appropriate field or they will not work correctly.

The Sabre Format:
Known Traveler Number
4DOCO//k/123456789 or 4DOCO//k/123456789-1.1 or 4DOCO//k/123456789-TRAVELER/AAKNOWN

Note: 123456789- is a Global Entry NEXUS or SENTRI membership ID number that the customer gets when the sign up with those companies

4DOCO//R/123456-2.1 - up to 25 characters not necessary to name associate if only one customer in PNR

Users of other GDSs should contact the respective GDS for the correct format.

If I am an eligible candidate how do I register?
If you're an AAdvantage program member Go to AA.com, select My Account and log in

  • Within My Account, go to the Personal Information and Password tab
  • If you are eligible to participate in the program, you will see an Opt in field for the AAdvantage Known Passenger Program
  • To opt-in, simply check the box

You may also opt-in by calling AAdvantage customer service at 1-800-882-8880, Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Saturdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Sundays from 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Example of a Known Traveler number field:

TSA Preject Number

You may also visit the TSA website for information on the application process.

Updated August 16, 2013