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Board Committees

The Board of Directors of American Airlines Group Inc. has four standing committees:

  • The Audit Committee acts on behalf of the Board to oversee the integrity of our financial statements, the independent auditor’s qualifications and independence, and the performance of both our internal audit function and the independent auditor. The Audit Committee’s role includes oversight of the qualitative aspects of financial reporting and disclosure to stockholders and the investment community, our risk management policies that relate to the financial control environment, financial reporting and disclosure controls and our procedures for compliance with significant applicable legal, ethical and regulatory requirements that impact the financial statements.

  • The Compensation Committee oversees our efforts to attract, retain and motivate members of our senior management team, carries out the Board’s overall responsibility relating to the determination of compensation for all executive officers, oversees all other significant aspects of our compensation policies, and oversees our management resources, succession planning and management development activities.

  • The Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee oversees all aspects of our corporate governance functions on behalf of the Board, including identifying individuals qualified to become Board members, recommending to the Board the selection of director nominees for each meeting of the stockholders at which directors are elected, considering stockholder proposals, reviewing non-employee director compensation, reviewing and assessing our Corporate Governance Guidelines and overseeing the monitoring and evaluation of our corporate governance practices.

  • The Finance Committee assists the Board with oversight of our financial affairs and recommends to the Board financial policies and courses of action, including operating and capital budgets, that will effectively accommodate the Company’s goals and operating strategies while maintaining a sound financial condition.

Membership on these committees is described in the chart below. All committee members are considered independent under the rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the NASDAQ Global Select Market.


Audit Committee

Compensation Committee

Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee

Finance Committee

James F. Albaugh
Jeffrey D. Benjamin
John T. Cahill
Michael J. Embler
Matthew J. Hart
√ (Chair)
Alberto Ibargüen
Richard C. Kraemer
√ (Chair)
Denise M. O’Leary
Ray M. Robinson
√ (Chair)
Richard P. Schifter
√ (Chair)

Each of the board's standing committees has a charter that describes the committee's responsibilities in more detail. Please select the link below to view a committee's charter.

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