Customer Testimonials

Customer Testamonies

Owner of Returned iPad Extends Thanks via Blog

Editor’s Note: This thank you note was posted as a blog on

Robert “Bo” Hume, Fleet Service Clerk, DFW

This article was supposed to be about my first real road trip with the iPad, and how it fared being unplugged and disconnected for a three-day journey. Instead that report goes on the back burner while I tell you another story.

Today was another day of travel for me - upgraded to First Class, I enjoyed my lunch and marveled at how enjoyable a traveling companion my iPad is. Everything went smoothly, no complaints. Got home, unpacked, changed clothes and got a phone call from some guy names Bo Hume. Figuring it to be a telemarketer, I answered gruffly, “Yes?”

“Is this Leigh McMullen?” Bo asked. Sure sign of someone who doesn’t know me, calling to sell me something. I nearly hung up on him when I said flatly, “Yes.”

“Sir, this is Bo Hume from American Airlines, are you still in the airport?” I answered that I wasn’t, now a little curious. I travel a lot and maybe they wanted to give me a voucher or something.

“Well, sir, the reason I ask is that I found a notebook, or pad or something that I think belongs to you.”

My iPad. I hadn’t even realized I’d lost it. Now stop. How often does it happen that someone calls you to report that you lost something you hadn’t even realized was gone?

We make arrangements to meet. I rush back to the airport and Bo meets me outside. He is exactly the kind of fella you’d want to have a beer with. He was even wearing a Dallas Cowboys hat. How could you not like the guy?

He gives me back my iPad. I say to him, “Bo, I really appreciate you getting this back to me, would you accept a small reward for your trouble?”

He smiles back, “No trouble, sir, just thank you for flying American.”

No, Bo, thank you. You men and women keep the airplanes I rely on in the air and you do it 30,000 times a day, flawlessly.

Leigh M.

Flight Crew Takes Immediate Action for ill Customer

Angela Griffin, Flight Attendant, DFW
Ted Cuthbertson, Flight Attendant, DFW

On October 25, I travelled from Richmond, Virginia to Tucson, Arizona. The flight stopped in Dallas. During the first leg of the flight, I became ill and experienced a seizure. The flight crew took immediate action and provided the necessary care to ensure my well-being, as well as the safety of the customers around me. The Captain diverted from the flight plan and landed the aircraft in Nashville, Tennessee, to ensure that I received immediate medical attention.

I am very thankful for the flight crew’s quick and professional response to ensure my welfare despite the sure recognition of its affect on the flight itineraries of the other customers. I consider the genuine concern and commitment to customer safety displayed by crew members of Flight #551 to be a credit to themselves, your leadership and all the people at American Airlines.

J. Self

Problem Solving No Problem for Belize City Agents

Carolee Waight, Airport Agent, Belize City
Shari Somerville, Airport Agent, Belize City

I flew back from Belize City with several friends and we were returning to Seattle via Dallas. The flight from Belize City was delayed over two hours because of weather, but the ground crew was fabulous because they kept everyone informed. They were polite, professional and sensitive to a large crowd of tired vacationers anxious to return to Seattle. Carolee and Shari did a great job handling the situation. Once we got to Dallas, we found our way and they held the plane for us! Eighteen Seattle bound customers were very grateful. Thanks again for the extra help to get us all home.

Reed S. – Seattle

Unaccompanied Minor in Good Hands

Bob Reding, Executive Vice President - Operations, HDQ

Our son Christopher was an unaccompanied minor on a flight from Reno to DFW.  After departing from the gate, the plane had a mechanical issue and returned to the gate.  Mr. Bob Reding, Executive Vice President - Operations at American Airlines and his wife were on the same flight.  They offered my panicked nine-year-old the use of their cell phone to contact me.  Mr. Reding then offered to personally bring Christopher back to Dallas that evening, via Reno to LAX to DFW.  He then brought Christopher back to the terminal and delivered him to his grandmother, who had remained at the airport.  Mr. Reding left me a voicemail message indicating that Chris had been delivered to his grandmother, and preferred to stay with his grandparents rather than continuing on to Dallas with he and his wife.  After contacting American, Christopher was rescheduled on another flight out of Sacramento to Dallas the following day and arrived home safely. Mr. Reding and his wife set a stellar example of exceptional customer service for American Airlines.  We are thankful for their assistance and care and are extremely grateful to them.   

Karen W.

Delayed Luggage Opens Door to Great Service

Isaac Reyes, Airport Agent, San Pedro Sula

We flew into San Pedro Sula, but our luggage did not make it. On top of that, the phone number I had for our hotel was incorrect, my Spanish was insufficient, and our cell phone did not work in Honduras. Isaac Reyes stepped in and changed all that. He looked up the correct number to the hotel and communicated in Spanish. The hotel sent a car and he informed the driver we would be right out of customs. Isaac took down the necessary information to track our bags, which we received the next day. We were physically and mentally exhausted and in absolute need of special assistance. Isaac came to our rescue! My wife and I have flown into San Pedro Sula about ten times in the past 30 months, and we are always treated very well by the Agents. Many thanks and keep up the excellent work.


Turning a Complaint into a Compliment

Kristine Darmody, Customer Relations Representative – HDQ

Thanks to Kristine M. Darmody and all the Customer Service Representatives at AA Customer Relations for their continued efforts to read customer comments and appropriately respond. I wrote earlier today to complain about a delayed flight due to maintenance. Kristine responded promptly, professionally and thoughtfully. Her response provided helpful information and appropriate acknowledgment for my troubles. In short, thank you for making my air travel today as enjoyable as possible.

Washington, D.C.

Empathy and Understanding Ease Customer

Beverly Arter, Reservations Representative – SRO

I want to compliment Beverly Arter who is a supervisor at the meeting desk. She demonstrated great empathy when I called to complain about a fee that I was unaware I was responsible for. When I discovered the charge, it was too late for anyone to reverse the action. She patiently listened and showed great understanding. While she was not able to reverse the action, she handled the situation very well. I greatly appreciated her understanding.



When Volcano Erupts, Agent Goes Beyond Call of Duty

Silvia Fernandez, Manager Passenger Sales – GUA

I want to recognize Silvia Fernandez for the outstanding assistance she provided us in Guatemala when we arrived for our May Mission. There were 61 in our group traveling to provide medical assistance to the people of Guatemala. On our first night the volcano Pacaya erupted forcing the closure of the Aurora airport in Guatemala City. The next day it became apparent that it was going to be impossible for us to leave on our scheduled flight in several days. I made a quick phone call to a friend who advised me that the airport would probably remain closed for several more days. She recommended that we travel by bus to El Salvador and fly to Miami from there. Although Guatemala was hit by a terrible tropical storm, Silvia worked on a way for us to get out. The customer service and care was beyond the call of duty. Thanks to Silvia for everything she did.


Braulio L. Ortiz
Hollywood, FL


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Flight Attendant Angela Griffen
Flight Attendant Angela Griffen
Airport Agents Carolee Waight and Shari Somerville
Airport Agents Carolee Waight and Shari Somerville
Airport Agent Isaac Reyes
Airport Agent Isaac Reyes

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