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AMR Corp. is committed to helping create a safe, dependable and environmentally responsible operation for its employees and customers. Our annual Environmental Responsibility Report (ERR) provides a chance to evaluate not only how well we are doing as an environmentally conscious organization, but also share these findings with our many stakeholders.

Although the U.S. Aviation industry as a whole is consuming less fuel than it did in the year 2000, American has committed to building on this progress and following an aggressive plan to improve fuel efficiency by 20 percent by 2020. American, along with the other airlines belonging to the , Airlines for America, has set an even more ambitious goal of reducing fuel consumption by 30 percent by 2025.

The ERR report highlights our environmental responsibilities, specific programs initiated, results to date and the challenges that lie ahead. Just as environmental concerns continue to evolve, so do AMR's efforts to support a sustainable future.

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