AmericanAirlines Universal Air Travel Plan (UATP Program)

Program Highlights
UATP Card The AmericanAirlines UATP program -- accepted by more than 200 airlines and Amtrak® -- offers a billing and payment system designed to help your company better manage air travel expenses. Conceived as the world's first charge card by American in 1936, the UATP program has made a positive bottom-line difference for thousands of businesses, including many of America's top companies.

The Industry Standard
Designed exclusively for the management of air travel expenses, the UATP program is accepted worldwide. A UATP account can be opened for companies anywhere in the world. And because it's authorized for air travel charges only, it's one of the easiest ways to manage air travel expenses. Best of all, the many benefits of the UATP program are free, with no extra cost for specialized reports. It's just that simple!

Better Cash Flow, Easier Cost Control, And Simplified Recordkeeping
The UATP program can actually improve your company's cash flow because it eliminates the need for cash advances for ticket purchases and employee reimbursements for air travel. The UATP account keeps air fares separate from other travel expenses, simplifies cost control and discourages expense account abuse. Plus, it provides accurate tax records for air travel expenditures.

Benefits For The Traveler
Employees like the UATP card because it doesn't require them to extend their personal credit lines for business-related air travel. The UATP card also gives users check-cashing privileges at any AmericanAirlines ticket office (as long as there is sufficient cash available).

Flexibility To Work With Or Without Cards
Unless travelers have a specific need to carry an actual UATP card, your company can take advantage of the UATP program without issuing physical cards. Your company only needs to provide your UATP account number to your travel professional and travelers can charge their air travel to that account number. Your company still gets the full benefits of the UATP program, while minimizing the number of cards your travelers have to carry.


ATP DataTrac -- More Control Over Expense Tracking
To give your company greater control over air travel expenses, American offers DataTrac, which links the UATP billing and payment system with the Sabre® reservations system. DataTrac allows your company to use a unique identification number for each business trip.

Company travelers provide this unique number to the agent when making their Sabre flight reservations, and it will automatically be transferred to the UATP billing file.

This number, available only with DataTrac, can be used to track the travel expenses associated with that trip for internal reporting, customer billing, or tax documentation reports.

DataTrac makes it simple to keep track of air travel costs related to specific assignments, jobs, departments or client numbers. Transactions can even be sorted and subtotaled, and DataTrac can be tailored to your individual operations and accounting systems.

ATP DataTrac

Management Information Reports

American has 10 management information reports available to help your company track internal air travel expenses and trends. Summaries of charges can be sorted and reported by specific criteria, including issuing location, cardholder name, department and client number.

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Insurance Coverage
For information on UATP insurance and enrollment, visit*.


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