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We fly to and from the cities you visit most, including Los Angeles (LAX), New York (JFK), London (LHR), Nashville (BNA) and Atlanta (ATL). Our products and services make travel easier – from booking tickets to coordinating the final car service, American Airlines has you covered.

Supporting your travel needs

Our contracted Entertainment and Media customers have access to 24/7 live and electronic Entertainment support, from flight changes to upgrade requests.

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Premium travel on American

Five Star Service™

Add one of our Five Star Service packages to your trip for an exclusive, personalized experience during your choice of departure, arrival or a connection. Perks of the service can include:

  • Access to Flagship® First Check-in and Admirals Club® lounges
  • An escort to and between gates and baggage
  • Assistance with luggage retrieval
  • Car service coordination
  • Early boarding privileges
  • Private or expedited access to security checks

Five Star Service

Private car transfer at LAX

Five Star Service customers can also arrange for a private car transfer from touchdown in Los Angeles to their next point within the airport.

Private car transfer

Flagship® First Check-In

Flagship® First Check-In is our exclusive, private check-in available to qualifying customers in select markets. Check in before your flight with:

  • An expedited security line
  • Exclusive self-service kiosks
  • Individual help from an agent

Flagship® First Check-In


Lounges are available in airports around the world – even in cities where we don't fly. Access to each depends on your qualifications:

  • Admirals Club® membership
  • Fly in Flagship® First or Flagship® Business
  • oneworld® status


Premium cabins

Fly in style in your choice of our 4 Flagship® First or Business cabins, depending on your route. You'll always board first and experience the highest level of luxury we offer.

Flagship® First Dining

Qualifying customers can enjoy a complimentary First class dining experience available inside select Flagship® Lounges; leaving more time to relax in flight.

Flagship® First Dining

Media Bag program

We know you travel with more, so we created special baggage policies for our Entertainment and Media accounts flying on American.

Benefits and features

Each account can check up to 25 bags (including the personal bag allowance) per flight at a discounted rate, subject to operational limitations. A media bag can include: audio, camera, lighting and photography equipment, wardrobes, trunks and musical instruments.

Fees for overweight and oversized bags (excluding musical instruments) are waived, up to either 70 lbs. / 32 kg or 100 lbs. / 45 kg, depending on your origin and destination, and a maximum linear size (length + width + height) of 126 inches / 320 cm.

Overweight fees apply to musical instruments over 50 lbs. / 23 kg.

Special media bag rates
  • $50 one-way per bag on flights within the U.S. and Canada
  • $90/£60/€70 one-way per bag on international flights *

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Entertainment Production Incentive Contract

EPIC is our customized program for customers in the entertainment production industry, offering savings on American and oneworld® airlines and flexible travel planning for extended periods of time.

Once the contract is issued, you’ll have access to EPIC Support, which includes a dedicated phone number and email, plus online 24/7 support. EPIC accounts are also eligible for our Media Bag program, saving you money with lower baggage rates.

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