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Merger Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What happens to my American Airlines UATP card after merger close?
A. There will be no immediate change to your existing American Airlines issued UATP card. Future enhancements will be communicated as the combined programs rolls out as soon as 2014.

Q. Will I need to apply to be part of the US Airways UATP program?
A. No, you can continue using your approved American UATP card for travel on American and other airlines, including US Airways.

Q. Will I be issued a new walking card after the merger?
A. No, your current American UATP card will remain valid until program consolidation, which we anticipate will happen in 2014.

Q. Will my ghost card number change after the merger?
A. No, there will be no change to your account or affiliated ghost card at this time.

Q. How long will I be able to reference the American Airlines UATP URL
A. The American Airlines UATP URL will be your key source of information even after we have completed program consolidation.

Q. Will the agreement I signed still be valid post the American-US Airways merger?
A. Yes, your current American Airlines agreement will be valid after the merger, as will your US Airways agreement if you have one.

Q. Will my American Airlines UATP Account Service Representative's phone number or email address change?
A. No, your existing UATP Account Service Representative's phone number and email will not change and will still be available. You can call 1-800-555-8040 or email as well.

Q. Will the invoicing, billing or settlement process change?
A. No changes to your invoicing, billing and settlement are planned at this time.

Q. Will I submit payments to American Airlines in the same way?
A. There is no change in the way you submit your payments at this time.

Q. Can I still access my information and reports through the American Airlines Invoice Manager website?
A. Yes, you will still have access to your account and travel data through the American Airlines Invoice Manager website.

Q. Where can I find the most current information and future program changes on the American Airlines UATP program as integration progresses?
A. Updates on the program will be posted on the American Airlines UATP website under the FAQ section. We will also utilize other communication channels to push out updates and changes.

Q. Will the ancillary charges I see through the American Airlines Invoice Manager website still be tracked post-merger, i.e., baggage fees, La Quinta Hotels, Choice Seats, etc.?
A. Yes, the format of the American Airlines Invoice Manager website will not change for the immediate future.

Q. If I have UATP accounts with both American Airlines and US Airways, will I be able to view the combined data?
A. No, it will not be possible to view the combined data at this time.

Q. If I have both carriers' UATP cards which card should I use?
A. You can continue to use the cards in the same manner as prior to the merger.

Q. When will the two carriers' UATP programs be merged as one?
A. The merger integration progress takes time and we anticipate the programs will combine in 2014, but circumstances may require extending the separate programs to a later date.