What does an American Airlines-US Airways merger mean for me?

Our customers will have access to more choices and service across a larger global network, as well as the expanded international opportunities that come with a stronger oneworld® alliance. The combined company is expected to provide the most service along the East Coast and Central regions of the United States and become a stronger competitor with a greater network presence on the West Coast. We're also expected to have the world's largest loyalty program, as well as a more modern and fuel-efficient fleet.

Does merger close mean American and US Airways are one airline?

Not yet. We're one company, but still running two separate airlines until we become a unified airline with a Single Operating Certificate (SOC), which is regulatory approval from the FAA to operate as one airline.

After the merger, will you serve all the same cities?

The combined company is expected to keep service to all the same cities and maintain all hubs currently served by American Airlines and US Airways. You'll be able to enjoy all the connections you always have—plus many more as our two networks come together.

When will you complete the merger?

Building the new American will take quite some time and along the way, we'll be doing our best to make this integration as seamless as possible. Check aa.com and usairways.com for the latest merger news.

Will my future reservations on American Airlines or US Airways be affected?

No. You will not see any changes to your existing travel reservations. You should continue to book, track and manage flights through aa.com and usairways.com.

What is a codeshare agreement?

A codeshare agreement allows each airline to directly sell a flight operated by the other carrier. When traveling on a codeshare flight, you must check-in with the airline operating your initial departure on your day of travel.

How do I know which airline is operating my flight?

The 'operating carrier' is the airline that flies the plane. It determines where you check in and board, so it's important you know who operates your flight before you travel. You can find out who's operating your flight next to the flight number when you book, on the confirmation page and in your confirmation email.

When will US Airways join oneworld®, and when will I be able to earn miles on oneworld carriers?

You'll be able to earn miles on oneworld carriers on the first day of our planned entry into the oneworld alliance on March 31, 2014. Some additional alliance benefits will be phased in as we work toward full integration. US Airways will exit Star Alliance on March 30, 2014.

Will loyalty programs be combined into one?

We will each maintain our separate loyalty programs for now – American's AAdvantage program and US Airways Dividend Miles. The plan is to eventually combine the two programs into one loyalty program, but that process will take some time.

What will happen to my miles?

Your miles are safe and secure. Mileage will not be taken away from either AAdvantage or Dividend Miles members due to the merger. You can now earn and redeem miles when flying on American Airlines or US Airways. All miles, points and segments earned on either airline are elite-qualifying.

Will American and US Airways retain their respective hub airports?

Yes, we expect to maintain all hubs now served by both airlines and offer increased service to existing markets, providing more choices for our customers and more opportunities for our employees. The combined carrier will operate hubs in Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Washington, D.C.

Will there be reciprocal club access for American and US Airways club members?

Yes. Club members of both airlines will be able to access the Admirals Club® lounges and the US Airways Clubs.

If I am a Citi Executive®/AAdvantage® World Elite™ MasterCard® cardmember, will I have access to US Airways Clubs as well?

Yes, your membership to the Admirals Club as a benefit of your credit card will also allow you access to any US Airways Club.

In addition to the 35 Admirals Club locations currently in major airports worldwide, you can now access all 19 domestic US Airways Clubs, 10 of which are in airports where Admirals Clubs are not currently offered.

If I have a US Airways MasterCard or US Airways Visa, can I access the Admirals Club now as a benefit to my card?

No. US Airways does not offer a card that gives access to the US Airways Clubs; therefore, you cannot use your US Airways credit cards to access the Admirals Club. Any US Airways customer will need to have a club membership to have reciprocal access to the Admirals Club.

Will Admirals Club lounges replace US Airways Clubs?

We plan to integrate our club offering, but we do not have details to share at this time. We'll continue to operate both airlines' clubs as we do today.

Will we see any other changes in airports?

Across our combined network, we've put signage in place to help direct customers to the appropriate ticket counters and gates to eliminate any confusion when traveling. Our employees are also well equipped to help customers of both airlines. For more day-of-travel information, visit aa.com/findyourway.

As a reminder, customers who are flying on American should continue to book their travel and check in with American. Likewise, customers who are flying on US Airways should book their travel and check in with US Airways.

Where do I check in at the airport when traveling on a codeshare flight?

When traveling on a codeshare flight, you should check-in with the airline operating your initial departure on day-of-travel.

Will I get a boarding pass for all legs of my trip when booking travel on a codeshare flight?

Yes. Upon check-in, you will receive boarding passes for each leg of your trip.

When traveling on a codeshare flight, can I check bags through to my final destination?

Yes. In fact, if you are connecting on codeshare flights, you can seamlessly transfer bags when traveling on an itinerary that includes flights operated by both carriers.

When traveling on a codeshare flight, operated by US Airways or American Airlines, will I have enough time to make my connection between flights, especially if connecting from one airline to the other?

Yes. We have revised all of our minimum connection times between the airlines to ensure that you and your bags will make connections between scheduled flights.