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Mobile ID for TSA PreCheck is temporarily unavailable pending TSA hardware upgrades.

TSA PreCheck with Mobile ID

Use your selfie through the airport

Save time at the airport and enjoy your travel experience sooner with Mobile ID. The program helps you move through different points of interest without handing over your boarding pass or ID. No more searching for everything you need while carrying your bags.

Use Mobile ID at:

  • The Admirals Club®: Skip the line for lounge entry with Mobile ID. Scan your face on a tablet to verify your lounge membership.
  • TSA PreCheck (temporarily unavailable): Share your American Airlines Mobile ID QR code and scan your face at security to pass through the checkpoint with ease.

American Airlines Mobile ID is available through Airside: Digital Identity App and accepted and verified by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and American Airlines for club services.

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Where to use

Admirals Club® This content can be expanded

Share your Mobile ID from Airside: Digital Identity App with American Airlines for use at the Admirals Club®. Skip the line and scan your face at the tablet near the entrance to verify your membership. This photo matches against the Mobile ID you shared from your device.

How it works

On Airside: Digital Identity App, you’ll:

  • Choose American Airlines Mobile ID in Services
  • Create your Mobile ID for use at Admirals Club by adding a selfie, plus your U.S. passport, driver's license or state ID*
  • Add your AAdvantage® number when you consent for your Mobile ID to be shared with American Airlines and used on day of travel**

Requirements include:

  • Fly out of Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW)
  • Have Admirals Club® membership
  • Have a U.S. passport, driver’s license or state ID
  • Allow your Mobile ID to be stored as an encrypted token for 48 hours during travel for lounge use

Visit our privacy policy to learn more.

American Airlines privacy policy

*Driver’s license source data verification may go down or may not be supported for all states. If that's the case, you can enroll using your passport or try again later.

**American Airlines collects and processes your Mobile ID for use at the Admirals Club to verify membership and same-day travel.

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