Admirals Club ( R ) Fax Instructions And Rates

Instructions For Sending A Fax
  1. We recommend using a cover sheet, available at the front desk or Business Center, when sending a fax. Fill out the cover sheet completely and legibly, and verify the fax number for accuracy (international faxes require the correct country codes).

  2. Bring your document with a completed cover sheet to an Admirals Club representative at the front desk.

  3. Pamphlets, papers with staples, folders, double-sided pages, or pages larger or smaller than letter size will not be accepted. Fax service is available for 8 1/2" x 11" or 8 1/2" x 14" only. If you need to reduce your document size, please use the photocopier in the Business Center.

  4. After your fax has been sent, credit card payment is due to an Admirals Club representative.
Instructions For Receiving A Fax
  1. Remind your sender to include your name, clearly printed, on the cover sheet and as much identifying information as possible (i.e. phone number and number of pages sent).

  2. Faxes may be picked up from an Admirals Club representative at the front desk. The faxes are secured in an envelope for privacy. When picking up your fax, your credit card charge will be processed by the Admirals Club representative.

  3. Faxes not picked up within a week will be destroyed and discarded.

Fax Services are complimentary in our International lounge locations.

In Domestic lounges, we only accept a credit card for payment to send or receive a fax.

Sending A Fax
Domestic Charges
(U.S., Puerto Rico, Canada)
No Charge First 3 Pages (including cover page)
  $1.50 Each Additional Page
International Long Distance Charges $6.95 First Page (including cover page)
  $3.50 Each Additional Page
Receiving A Fax
Flat Rate Charge $1.50 Flat Rate Per Page (including cover page)

Hours of Service
Visit for hours and locations*.

*The Admirals Club lounge may receive faxes at any time, however, the service is only available during hours of operation.