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Find American flights to Fort de France, Martinique, and plan a Caribbean vacation beyond compare. Boasting both history that dates back to the 17th century and modern conveniences befitting its luxurious reputation, there is an endless list things to do in Fort de France. Here are a few of our favorites.

Things to Do in Fort De France

The capital city of Martinique was founded in the 1600s (when it was called Fort Royal), so some of the most fascinating activities in Fort de France revolve around exploring its rich history. Start with Fort Saint Louis, which was built in the 17th century and famously fended off a Dutch attack in 1674. Today the fort is a national historic site that is also used as a naval base. When you visit, you'll be able to see the monuments built in honor of the heroes of the 1674 action. Other notable sites in Fort de France include Fort Desaix, which was built by 1772 atop Morne Garnier. Fort Desaix is the name given to it by Napoleon in 1802 to honor General Louis Desaix (previously it had been known as Fort Bourbon, Fort la Convention and Fort George).

After your tour of the forts, it's time to engage in another of the most fascinating things to do in Fort de France, and that is viewing the city's unique architecture. Visit the Schoelcher Library, an iron and glass structure built by French architect Pierre-Henri Picq that was originally displayed at the 1889 Paris World's Fair. After the Fair, it was disassembled, shipped to Fort de France, and erected again on its current site. Victor Schoelcher, who is revered for his role in ending slavery on the island, donated thousands of books to begin the library's collection in the late 19th century. Picq is also the architect of the historic and beautiful Saint-Louis Cathedral, also known as the Fort de France Cathedral.

Once you're sufficiently caught up on the city's history, turn to one of the many relaxing things to do in Fort de France, such as wandering through the Big Market, or Spice Market, the largest on the island. Breathe in the aromas of vanilla, peppers, sugar cane and rum. Your appetite is sure to be whetted afterward, so indulge in local cuisine. Fort de France is known for its West Indian and French-infused Caribbean fare, along with its fresh seafood.

For a journey of discovery and relaxation in the Caribbean, fly to Fort de France with American Airlines. A visit here is an experience like none other! Start planning your trip today.

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