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Flying To Grenada With American Airlines

With American Airlines flights to Grenada, it's easy to visit the Spice Island of the Caribbean. It's also easy to plan a relaxing getaway here with our tips on the best things to do in Grenada, from diving to hiking a rainforest.

Things to Do in Grenada

One of the most popular activities in Grenada involves the crystalline waters off shore: diving and snorkeling. Thanks to the lovely weather, you can explore the colorful marine life year-round. There are more than 50 diving sites off Grenada, letting divers see everything from coral reefs to submerged shipwrecks (more than 20 of them, in fact, leading Grenada to be known as the wreck diving capital of the Eastern Caribbean). There's even an Underwater Sculpture Park.

Of course, one of our favorite things to do in Grenada is to simply relax on a pristine white-sand beach. Because of its irregular coastline (created by its mountainous interior), the island of Grenada is home to many secluded beaches. Be sure to plan a visit to Grand Anse Beach, one of the island's most famous. Located along the southwest edge of Grenada, it offers several purveyors of water sports, dining and local crafts.

There are also many activities in Grenada that don't have to do with beaches or crystal-clear water.  There are national parks and rainforests well worth exploring on the island. The Levera National Park does have a beautiful beach, but it also has a mangrove lagoon that serves as a wildlife habitat. You'll be able to spot any number of bird species, including herons. There's a trail that makes for a peaceful and picturesque walk.

Well into the island's interior you'll find the Grand Etang Forest Reserve, home to a fascinating rainforest. Go hiking here and see an impressive range of both flora and fauna -- everything from hummingbirds and frogs to monkeys and even a species of mongoose. Choose from hikes that range from the relatively easy (taking under half an hour) to more challenging (taking several hours).

From diverse things to do in Grenada to total relaxation, this is one Caribbean destination that promises something for everyone. Fly to Grenada with American Airlines and decide how you'd like to spend your time here.

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