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Introduction to Istanbul

Find flights to Istanbul with American Airlines and get ready to experience this undeniably captivating city. From exploring the Spice Bazaar and shopping for fine rugs to exploring former palaces and seeing priceless ancient artifacts, there is a wide selection of fascinating things to do in Istanbul you won't want to miss.

Things To Do In Istanbul

One of the most memorable activities in Istanbul is visiting the Spice Bazaar (also called the Spice Market or the Egyptian Bazaar). It's one of the oldest markets in the city, with vaulted rooms housing sellers of spices, dried fruits, seeds and other edible delights. The sights -- and especially the smells -- are an experience to cherish. It's located at the southern end of the Galata Bridge on the Golden Horn. From the bridge, which is considered the heart of the city, you can see toward Europe on one side and toward Asia on the other.

Another one of our favorite activities in Istanbul revolves around shopping. A can't-miss is the Grand Bazaar, which is the largest covered market in the city, with thousands of shops. Here you'll be able to find everything -- Turkish rugs, pottery, apparel, pipes, copper teapots and so much more. There are also many restaurants here, so you could easily spend the better part of a day exploring every corner. Keep a close eye on your valuable as you move through the crowds, however. And start practicing your price-negotiating skills.

No list of things to do in Istanbul would be complete without including a stop at the Topkapi Sarayi Museum, or Palace of the Cannon Gate. It was once the very center of the Ottoman Empire, and the home of sultans for centuries. It's one of the most popular places to visit in Istanbul, with guided tours, beautiful grounds and multiple courtyards. Afterward, you can walk to the Archeological Museums and Gulhane Park, both worthy of the stroll. The Archeological Museums are in fact made up of three museums: Archeological Museum, Museum of the Ancient Near East and Tiled Kiosk. It's the Museum of the Ancient Near East that holds the most interest for many, with artifacts from Greece and Rome, including portions of the gates of Ninevah.

If a visit to the storied land of Turkey has piqued your interest, let American Airlines help you fly to Istanbul and discover the best of this compelling city.

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