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Introduction to Naples

Discover the unique charms of Italy's Mediterranean coast with American Airlines flights to Naples. Located in the shade Mount Vesuvius and overlooking a gorgeous seascape, this unique destination offers everything from history and tradition to fine wine and art. Here are a few of our favorite things to do in Naples so you can start planning your trip.

Things To Do In Naples

One of the most memorable activities in Naples, or Napoli as Italians say, is to venture to nearby Pompeii. The city was frozen in time by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D., and it's been preserved incredibly well. It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can see ruins and archaeological sites. To see many of the artifacts from Pompeii, visit the Naples National Archaeological Museum. You'll also be able to see artifacts from other significant sites and collections spanning Greek, Roman and Renaissance periods.

Naples is also home to brilliant architecture, such as that found in the city's four towering castles: Castel Nuovo, Castello dell'Ovo, Castel S. Elmo and Castel Capuano, which was originally a fortress. Simply strolling around and admiring the city's many beautiful churches and buildings is one of our favorite things to do in Naples. One which you won't want to miss is Naples Cathedral. Construction was completed in the early 14th century, and the church contains treasures such as frescoes and altarpieces by Domenichino Zampieri, a high altar by Francesco Solimena and a bronze railing by Cosio Fanzagao, all of whom were Italian Baroque artists.

Another of our top activities in Naples is to be inspired by the wonderful works of art in the Capodimonte Museum and National Galleries. Collections include works by Titan, Caravaggio, Raphael, El Greco and many more masters.

And of course you can't leave without sampling the region's exceptional cuisine and wine. When it comes to things to do in Naples, this is one of the most enjoyable! You must try a margherita pizza, created in honor of Queen Margherita, along with buffalo mozzarella and then spaghetti with mussel sauce. Naples is also known for its fresh seafood, which is simply delectable prepared Neapolitan style. You'll also enjoy sampling local coffee and limoncello -- not to mention wine. Look for wines labeled DOCG or DOC to be sure you're getting a true local bottle.

A journey of delicious discovery awaits you on the beautiful Italian coast. Fly to Naples with American Airlines and gain an appreciation for nature, ancient traditions and authentic Neapolitan cuisine. Browse flights and book your trip today.

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