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Flying To Santo Domingo With American Airlines

Find convenient American Airlines flights to Santo Domingo and discover this remarkable Caribbean retreat. Not only will you find beautiful beaches here, but as the oldest city in the New World, there is a treasure trove of history and culture to explore. With our tips on the best things to do in Santo Domingo, you can get to know this unique Dominican Republic destination.

Things to Do in Santo Domingo

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is incredibly well preserved. That translates into many activities in Santo Domingo that let you get to know its rich culture and history. Did you know that Santo Domingo is home to the first street, cathedral, university and hospital in the Americas? The first cathedral of the Americas, Cathedral de Santa Maria, features an intriguing combination of Gothic and Renaissance architecture. Construction occurred between 1514 and 1544 in phases, which resulted in the mix of styles.

Our list of things to do in Santo Domingo would be incomplete without including the many museums here. In fact, Santo Domingo boasts the largest number of museums anywhere in the Caribbean. From the Museum of the Dominican Man to The Modern Art Museum, there are enough options to keep you busy for a week. Of particular interest is the Alcazar de Colon Museum (or Columbus Palace Museum), which displays artifacts belonging to the family of Christopher Columbus. The building itself was constructed in the 1500s by Christopher's son Diego, and is worthy of investigation on its own.

Of course, one of the most popular activities in Santo Domingo, as with other Dominican Republic destinations, is to relax on a picturesque beach. One of the most easily accessible is the Boca Chica Beach. It's well protected by a coral reef and since it is largely shallow near the beach, it's a favorite spot for families. Seafood restaurants surrounding the beach make it easy to spend an entire day here.

Another of our favorite things to do in Santo Domingo is to stroll through the National Botanical Gardens. It features a truly serene Japanese garden along with a fine collection of native flora. We also like Los Tres Ojos (or The Three Eyes) for its trio of limestone caves and grottoes that are a welcome and refreshing respite from the afternoon sun.

There are many facets to this historical Dominican Republic destination, and American Airlines makes it easy to fly to Santo Domingo so you can discover them all. Start planning your trip here today!

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