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Flying To Tel Aviv With American Airlines

American Airlines can help you find flights to Tel Aviv and plan a trip of discovery to this dynamic destination. Considered the economic and cultural center of Israel, it's often referred to as "the city that never stops," so you'll find that the list of interesting things to do in Tel Aviv is almost endless.

Things to Do in Tel Aviv

Thanks to its location along the Mediterranean coast, one of the most relaxing activities in Tel Aviv is to spend a day on the beach. There are many from which to choose, all located on the city's west side. Gordon Beach is quite popular, with a restaurant and refreshments located nearby.

The beaches are a fun way to spend a day, but many who come here are looking for things to do in Tel Aviv that focus on its rich history and concentration of significant sites. In the Old City of Jaffa, which was built during the Ottoman Empire and located adjacent to Tel Aviv, you'll find a tourist center and charming artists' quarter along with many historically significant places. One of the most visited, the Church of Saint Peter, dates to the 17th century. The exterior is red brick, which makes it stand out in a sea of stone structures, and the interior features vaulted ceilings, stained glass windows and walls covered in marble. Within Tel Aviv, historical sites you won't want to miss include Ben Gurion House (a museum that was the former home of Israel's first Defense Minister and Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion), Dizengoff House (also known as Independence Hall, it's the site of the signing of Israel's Declaration of Independence), Bialik House (a museum that was once home of national poet Haim Nachman Bialik) and Reuven House (also known as Rubin Museum, it's the former home of artist Reuven Rubin and features his paintings and studio). You'll also want to visit the Old Cemetery, or Trumpeldor Cemetery, where many of Tel Aviv's founding fathers and historical figures are buried.

One might not consider the city as a bastion of fascinating architecture, but in fact a portion of the city known as The White City has the largest concentration of Bauhaus-style buildings in the world, earning an UNESCO World Heritage Site designation. Visiting here is one of our favorite activities in Tel Aviv. It reaches all the way to the Yarkon River, and the adjacent Tel Aviv port features restaurants and even nightclubs, making it a fun place to end your tour.

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