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Flying To Tortola With American Airlines

Azure water. Clear blue skies. Lush green mountainsides. And powdery white sand. With American Airlines flights to Tortola, you can enjoy all that and much more with ultimate convenience. Relaxing on beaches that are awash in stunning natural beauty is de riguer here, but there is also a number of other things to do in Tortola, from scuba diving to visiting historical sites. Start planning your trip to the capital island of the British Virgin Islands!

Things to Do in Tortola

Naturally, one of the most popular activities in Tortola is unwinding on a stunning white sand beach. Visibility is excellent, making it fun to step right in and go for a swim on a secluded beach with palm trees for shade. Smuggler's Cove, Elizabeth Beach and Brewer's Bay are three of our favorites.

But there are many other things to do in Tortola beyond seeking peace under the sun with your toes in the sand (although there's a lot to be said for that). Tortola is also home to many noteworthy historical sites, such as Fort Burt. It was rebuilt in 1776 and named after the Governor of the Leeward Islands at the time, William Burt. You can still see some of the defense features of this fort and you'll love the view of Road Harbour it affords. The 1780 Lower Estate Sugar Works features a museum that demonstrates what daily life was like here, along with a former sugar production and cotton production site. And you won't want to miss Her Majesty's Prison, which was built in 1774 and still used until 1995. It's the oldest building in Road Town and well worth a visit.

After taking in the cultural and historical sites on the largest island in the British Virgin Islands, you might want to indulge in some of the many aquatic activities in Tortola. There are many options for scuba diving, with multiple dive centers for renting equipment and arranging dives. Or you could try your hand at kite boarding or fishing. And we'd be remiss

Luckily, with American Airlines, it's easy to fly to Tortola and do as much -- or as little -- as you feel inspired to do!

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