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Flying To Victoria With American Airlines

With American Airlines flights to Victoria, it's easy to explore the capital of British Columbia, Canada. You'll find that there is a wide variety of things to do in Victoria, from whale watching to discovering historic buildings and intriguing museums. And did we mention the amazing scenic views and outdoor activities?

Things to Do in Victoria

It's safe to say that from April through October, one of the most popular activities in Victoria is whale watching. With the Victoria Whale Watch Tour, you'll have the chance to see killer whales, humpback whales and gray whales plus native porpoises. And since you'll be out at sea, you'll also have a good chance of spotting sea lions, eagles and elephant seals. Be sure to charge your camera!

Back on land, there are many more things to do in Victoria. Known as a center of art and culture in British Columbia, Victoria boasts museums with excellent collections and historically significant buildings. At the Royal British Columbia Museum you'll learn about First Nations cultures as well as stand beside a woolly mammoth in the Natural History Gallery. Learn about life in 19th century Victoria at Craigdarroch Castle. Construction began on the house in 1887, which overlooks the city. Today it remains an impressive estate with Romanesque Revival architecture and brilliant original stained glass windows.

There are also a number of activities in Victoria that take full advantage of its enviable natural setting.  From regal mountains to expansive ocean views, the city offers many incentives for enjoying the great outdoors. And since Victoria has the mildest climate in Canada, you can play outside almost all year long. Rent a bike and explore the Galloping Goose Trail or the Seaside Touring Route, both of which afford scenic views and are family-friendly rides. If you enjoy rougher terrain, try one of the dozens of trails at Mount Work, which is located just outside the city. Hikers will relish the city's many parks for leisurely walks and Mount Finlayson or Mount Douglas for more vertical challenges.

Canada's British Columbia is full of natural treasures just waiting to be discovered, and American Airlines has made it easy to fly to Victoria so you can explore it all.
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