Baggage Tips

Flying or connecting to US Airways?

US Airways has different policies on baggage. Learn more about their carry-on and checked bag policies before you book.

Visit the following US Airways pages for more information: Baggage policies | Delayed or damaged bags | Special items

Which airline is operating my flight?

Before you set out for the airport, be sure to check what you can – and can't – pack for your trip. Below are some general baggage packing tips.

One-Quart Clear Plastic Bag

Liquids And Gel Information
In general, liquids and gels are limited to containers no larger than 3.4 ounces each, which must be in a quart-size, clear, zip-top style bag (see example at right). You can find more detailed information on our Carry-On Baggage page.

Important Reminders

  • Pack your photo ID, medicine, prescription, cash, keys, jewelry, electronics, film and cameras in your carry-on baggage — not your checked baggage.
  • If you are carrying gifts onboard, make sure they are unwrapped for easier security clearance. All carry-on baggage is subject to inspection by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Checked baggage charges apply to the first and second checked bag. Some exceptions apply. Excess bag charges apply for more than two checked bags. Oversize and overweight charges apply to baggage over the free size and weight allowance. Specialty items may have additional charges or exceptions to baggage charges.

For tickets issued on/after October 15, 2014, for travel on/after February 1, 2015, American Airlines will no longer through check bags when the customer holds separate tickets.

The only exceptions will be for the following tickets:

  • American Airlines and American Eagle
  • US Airways and US Express
  • oneworld® and affiliate airlines

Checked Baggage Tips and Information

  • Baggage cannot be checked prior to the day of departure.
  • Visit our Suggested Arrival Time page to learn how far in advance you should check in and the cutoff times for baggage acceptance.
  • Your baggage will only be checked to your final destination.
  • All checked baggage will be screened by the TSA.
  • Only use a lock that is identified as a "TSA-recognized locking mechanism." For more information, visit the TSA Web site
  • Your name and address must be on the outside of your baggage. Name tags are available at all airport baggage check-in locations.
  • Put your name and address on the inside of your baggage too.
  • Claim your baggage immediately upon arrival.
  • If you are deviating from your ticketed itinerary, please advise the airport agent before checking your luggage.
  • Verify that the number of claim checks you are given corresponds to the number of bags you checked.
  • Remove straps, hangers and protruding objects to avoid damage to your bag.
  • Don't over pack. Bulging bags are not sufficiently constructed to support excess weight and may split during transport.
  • Do not pack fragile items inside your checked luggage.
  • Visit our Baggage Allowance page to find information for everything from briefcases to boogie boards.

Note: if you are carrying gifts in your checked luggage, make sure they are unwrapped for easier security clearance.

These Items May Not Fly
Some items are restricted from traveling on aircraft. Our Restricted Items page has more detailed information, but below are some common examples of items which have specific guidelines for travel air or may not travel at all. Learn more about the Department of Transportation's guidelines for traveling with batteries

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Batteries
  • Defense Sprays/Mace
  • Dry Ice
  • Explosives/Flammable Liquids
  • Lighters
  • Pressure Containers
  • Self-Heating Meals
  • Self-Inflating Life Jackets