Inflight entertainment gets an upgrade

Entertainment at every seat on your flight

Inflight games, inflight movies, music on your flight

Stay entertained while you fly

Watch what you want, when you want, on our new Airbus A319 planes with the latest in personal, in-seat entertainment on your flight, including movies, music and games. That means entertainment is available at every seat. The best part? Packages will be available gate-to-gate, giving you the maximum amount of time to enjoy your choice of entertainment. As soon as you board the plane you can begin watching the most extensive choices of entertainment that American has to offer!

We offer this entertainment complimentary in all First Class and Business Class cabins and also in the Main Cabin on our international flights.

You can choose from a vast selection of:

  • Up to 200 movies
  • Up to 180 TV programs
  • More than 350 audio selections
  • Up to 15 games

We have also partnered with Disney to offer additional family-friendly entertainment. We will have 12 movies, 15 TV shows, 10 albums of music and three games for you to stay entertained.

Want to travel on the A319? Look for "319" listed as the aircraft type for your selected flight.